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Sen. Rob Portman Defends Romney’s Use of Libya on Campaign Trail

ABC(NEW YORK) -- Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio defended GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney Sunday morning on “This Week” for his use of the deadly incident in Libya to criticize President Obama on the campaign trail.

The father of killed U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens told Bloomberg it would be “abhorrent” to make his son’s death a campaign issue.

“He didn’t say it was a campaign issue.  He said it was an issue. I mean, it’s something the American people are really concerned about," Portman said. “Folks want to know two things.  Why wasn’t the security there?  And why did the administration try so hard to create, you know, the wrong image as to what happened?”

“They went out of their way to try to leave the impression this was because of some video.  It wasn’t,” he said. “It was a premeditated terrorist attack that terrible night in Benghazi. That tragic occurrence where we lost the ambassador and three other brave Americans needs to be explained to the American people.  And I think folks deserve an explanation.”

Both Romney and Paul Ryan have questioned the administration’s handling of the attack in Libya since it occurred.

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