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Kate Middleton in Hospital to Have Royal Baby

Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty ImagesBREAKING: Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has given birth to a baby boy.

(LONDON) -- Kate Middleton has been admitted to the hospital to give birth, according to a Kensington Palace spokesman.

"Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted this morning to St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London in the early stages of labour. The Duchess travelled by car from Kensington Palace to the Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital with The Duke of Cambridge," the palace said in a statement Monday.

Middleton was admitted shortly before 6 a.m. Monday with The Duke by her side, and she is progressing normally, the palace said.  There is no suggestion that she was induced.

Regardless of the baby's gender, Prince William and Kate Middleton's firstborn will be third in line to the British throne, after grandfather Prince Charles and father Prince William.

Kate and William have chosen to be surprised and do not know the sex of the baby, according to royal sources.

The British Parliament is changing a 300-year-old law so that the baby will be the heir to the throne, whether it's a boy or girl. Under plans to change the rules of succession, if the baby is a girl, she will make history as the first girl to keep her place in line even if she later has a brother.

The reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, was only eligible to rule because her father had no male children.

Elizabeth has been on the throne 61 years. This baby will be the queen's third great-grandchild.

Kate is expected to give birth in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington, where Diana had William and Harry.

The formal birth announcement will come after the queen, royal family and Middletons have heard the good news, royal sources say.

The announcement will follow the royal tradition of posting a paper announcement signed by the doctors on an easel outside Buckingham Palace. The announcement is expected to include the baby's gender, weight and time of birth.

This old-fashioned announcement will be accompanied by a few more modern methods. The palace is also expected to announce the birth through Twitter and their website.

Prince William was the first royal heir to be born in a hospital instead of in the palace. The first sighting of him and Prince Harry was when their parents exited the hospital with the new princes in tow. William and Kate are expected to do the same with their new arrival.

It's unknown when the baby's name will be revealed. Harry's name was announced the day he left the hospital, but several days passed before William's name was made public.

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Kate Middleton Topless: Italian Magazine Publishes More Photos

Samir Hussein/WireImage(LONDON) -- An Italian magazine owned by the country's former premier has published more topless photos of Kate Middleton's sunbathing, despite legal action by the royal family to block publication.

Under the headline, "Court Scandal: The Queen is Nude," Chi magazine hit newsstands today with a 26-page photo spread of the Duchess of Cambridge, 30, reportedly sunbathing on the terrace of a secluded chateau in the south of France before beginning a tour of the Far East and South Pacific to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee.

The photos, which were first published in the French magazine Closer and later ran in the Irish Daily Star, include at least one shot of the duchess applying sunscreen to herself that did not appear in previous publications.

Chi, like Closer, is published under the Mondadori publishing house owned by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Chi is also the same magazine that, in 1997, published photos of Princess Diana's dying in a tunnel in Paris after a high-speed car chase with paparazzi that ended in her death at age 36.

The palace has invoked the memory of Diana, the mother of Prince William, in taking swift legal action against the photographs, which St. James's Palace called a grotesque and totally unjustifiable "invasion of the young couple's privacy."

"The incident is reminiscent of the worst excesses of the press and paparazzi during the life of Diana, Princess of Wales, and all the more upsetting to The Duke and Duchess for being so," the palace said in a statement Friday.

Lawyers for the royal family were scheduled to appear today in court in France, where they planned to ask a judge for an injunction to prevent further publications from printing the photos. There are as many as 200 photos Middleton sunbathing alongside Prince William, according to

In addition to seeking damages from Mondadori, St. James's Palace said Sunday, the couple's lawyers would also file a criminal complaint against the photographer or photographers who took the photos, leaving it up to French prosecutors to pursue a criminal case for either breach of privacy or trespassing.

"There can be no motivation for this action other than greed," a St. James's Palace spokesperson told the BBC this weekend in regard to the Irish publication, while also commenting that the magazines' decisions to publish the photos "will lead to a longer court case where damages will be sought."

Despite the swirl of legal action around them, Middleton and Prince William have kept up appearances throughout their week-long tour of Asia. The pair strapped into harnesses to view the rainforest in Borneo this weekend and then traveled to the Solomon Islands where they were treated to a ceremonial welcome and canoe ride. They are scheduled to end their trip with some downtime, staying at a luxurious private estate in the island nation of Tuvalu.

The scandal blew up Friday, a day after Middleton marked an important first as a royal, delivering her first official speech overseas. The well-received speech was delivered to staff and patients at the Hospis Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur and focused on the importance of specialized medical care for seriously ill children. Middleton is a Royal Patron of East Anglia's Children's Hospices in England.

Nude photographs of Prince William's younger brother, Prince Harry, partying in a Las Vegas hotel surfaced online last month and made headlines around the world. In that case, the palace contacted the Press Complaints Commission, which advised British newspapers to not publish the photos.

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Kate Middleton Topless Photo Scandal: Royals to Sue

PHIL NOBLE/AFP/GettyImages(LONDON) -- Britain's royal family says it is suing the French magazine that published topless photos of Kate Middleton sunbathing.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have begun "legal proceedings for breach of privacy" against the magazine's publishers, the St. James Palace said in a statement Friday, after calling the publication of the photos "a grotesque and totally unjustifiable" invasion of the young couple's privacy.

The French magazine, Closer, published a spread of photos of what appears to be the Duchess of Cambridge, 30, on vacation, sunbathing, under the headline "Oh My God!" The magazine went on newsstands in France Friday.

The magazine defended the decision to publish the photos, saying in a statement on its website that the photos would only appear in the French, not the British edition, and were not degrading.

The pictures were reportedly taken while Middleton and Prince William, who celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary in April, enjoyed a mini four-day vacation together last week at a secluded chateau in the south of France before beginning a tour of the Far East and South Pacific to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee.

The royal couple was reportedly told about the photos as they ate breakfast Friday before visiting a mosque in Malaysia. A palace source tells ABC News that at first the couple simply felt saddened, but as the day wore on the sadness turned to shock and anger and ultimately resulted in a decision to take legal action against the magazine.

"Their Royal Highnesses have been hugely saddened to learn that a French publication and a photographer have invaded their privacy in such a grotesque and totally unjustifiable manner. The incident is reminiscent of the worst excesses of the press and paparazzi during the life of Diana, Princess of Wales, and all the more upsetting to The Duke and Duchess for being so," the St. James Palace said an earlier statement Friday.

Last month, nude photographs of Prince William's younger brother, Prince Harry, partying in a Las Vegas hotel surfaced online and made headlines around the world. In that case, the palace contacted the Press Complaints Commission, which advised British newspapers to not publish the pictures.

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Possible Royal Remains Discovered in England -- The search for the body of England’s King Richard III may finally be over. A team of archaeologists from the University of Leicester has announced that they have exhumed a set of remains that are believed to have belonged to the late English King.

“This is an historic and perhaps defining moment in the story of Leicester,” Richard Buckley, the University of Leicester archeologist who led the team said in a statement. “From the outset, the search for Richard III was a thrilling prospect but it has involved many hours of dedicated research by our team that has led to the astonishing finds we have disclosed today.”

Although the bones have not definitively been confirmed to be those of Richard III, there is a great deal of circumstantial evidence linking them to the King, who was immortalized in the Shakespearean tragedy that bears his name.

The team has not yet officially confirmed the remains to be those of Richard III.

King Richard III, who ruled England from 1483 to 1485, was the last King of the House of the York and the Plantagenet Dynasty. His death at the Battle of Bosworth Field, viewed by many historians as the end of the Middle Ages in England, marked the beginning of Tudor rule in England.

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Prince William Helps Rescue Teen Girl at Sea

Christopher Furlong - WPA Pool/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Prince William was working his day job as a search-and-rescue pilot in the Royal Air Force (RAF) Thursday afternoon when a call came in that a 16-year-old girl had been swept out to sea off the coast of Silver Bay in Anglesey.

The girl, who has not been identified, and her 13-year-old sister had been body-boarding in the water when they were caught on a riptide, according to the BBC.  As the girl tried to help her younger sister, she also became distressed.

While the younger sister was able to be pulled safely to shore by onlookers, the 16-year-old remained stranded in the water.

Less than 38 seconds after receiving a distress call, an RAF rescue helicopter captained by Prince William came to her rescue.

With the aid of two surfers waving and pointing to the area where the girl was stranded, William swooped the helicopter down to the waters while his winchman, Master Aircrew Harry Harrison, pulled the older sister out of the water.

“When I got to her, the elder girl was clearly exhausted and was going under the water for what was the very last time,” Harrison told the BBC.  “We never know what we’ll face when we’re called out, this was one rescue where we truly did arrive in the nick of time and managed to save two young lives.”

Both sisters were taken to a nearby hospital as a precautionary measure but were said to have suffered from only the shock and cold of the water.

There was no word on whether the 16-year-old realized the famous pilot behind her rescue, but the RAF said she thanked Harrison on the way to the hospital for saving her, according to the BBC.

Prince William became an RAF search-and-rescue captain in May.  His No. 22 Squadron is based in Anglesey, close to where the rescue took place and where he and wife, Kate Middleton, have set up home.

William was forced to miss the Closing Ceremony of the London Olympics, leaving his wife and brother, Prince Harry to fulfill his official role, because of his RAF duties.

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Prince Philip 'Responding Well' to Treatment for Bladder Infection

The Prince with Queen Elizabeth in Aberdeenshire on August 7th. David Cheskin - WPA Pool/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Prince Philip is responding well to treatment after being hospitalized Wednesday for a recurrence of the bladder infection he suffered earlier this summer.

The prince was admitted to the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for treatment, according to the palace. He is likely to remain there for the next few days.

The palace said earlier Wednesday that he was hospitalized “as a precautionary measure.” He was taken by ambulance to the U.K. hospital.

The 91-year-old duke has had a number of health scares in recent years.

It's his third hospital stay in the last eight months.

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Prince Philip Hospitalized as a ‘Precautionary Measure’

Paul Edwards - WPA Pool/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was hospitalized today for a recurrence of the bladder infection he suffered from earlier this summer, Buckingham Palace sources said.

The prince has been admitted to the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for investigation and treatment, according to the palace. He is likely to remain there for the next few days.

The palace said earlier today that he was hospitalized “as a precautionary measure.” He was taken by ambulance to the U.K. hospital.

The 91-year-old duke has had a number of health scares in recent years.

Prince Philip was hospitalized for a bladder infection during Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June.

The prince underwent minor surgery in December 2011 to open a blocked artery after suffering from chest pains.

He was hospitalized for a chest infection in 2008, but recovered quickly. Officials revealed in 2007 that he had been suffering from a heart condition since 1992.

The prince has made numerous public appearances recently, including at the London Olympics. He attended the opening ceremonies with his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, and he was in the stands at the equestrian arena to watch his granddaughter Zara Phillips compete.

He typically spends the summer months from late-July until mid-October in Balmoral in Scotland.

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Wanted: Driver for the Royal Family

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- Imagine rubbing elbows with Kate Middleton and Prince William, roaming the streets of London and pulling into Buckingham Palace at the end of each work day.

Well, that fantasy could be a reality because the royal family, including the Queen, Princes Charles, William and Harry, and Duchess Kate, are in search of a new chauffeur.

An ad on the monarchy’s website said that the royal family was in need of a chauffeur to be responsible for driving around members of the family, guests, household officials and official guests. The chauffeur would also be responsible for assisting with vehicle maintenance, daily administration and managing the Royal Mews Garage.

The gig would pay £23,000, or $36,000, and require a full, clean United Kingdom driver’s license. Candidates must have the ability to work with a small team, have good administrative skills including experience with email, have “clear communication skills with an ability to deploy tact and diplomacy when necessary,” and be motivated and committed to maintaining high standards. Professional driving experience is a plus, but not a necessity.

If you’re chomping at the bit to hang out at Buckingham Palace, you better jump on it fast. An ad for a house manager, which paid $78,000, was posted in June but quickly filled. The deadline for this coveted position is Aug. 31.

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Kate Must Curtsey to ‘Blood Princesses’

PHIL NOBLE/AFP/GettyImages(LONDON) -- Despite the fact Kate Middleton may one day become queen, she recently learned she must bow down (or in this case, curtsey) to “blood princesses” when she’s not in Prince William’s company.

According to the new Windsor protocol, Kate must curtsey to Princess Royal, Princess Alexandra, and the daughters of the Duke of York, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

Kate does not need to bend the knee to Beatrice and Eugenie when she is with William, however. But confusingly enough, she still must curtsey to the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, The Telegraph reports.

The Queen recently circulated around the royal household an updated copy of the Order of Precedence, which is an official paper listing, in descending order, the rankings of the different members in the Royal family.

The document clarified Kate’s status: As a former commoner, she must show reverence by curtseying to royal-borns in public and private when her husband, Prince William, is not present. The Countess of Wessex, the wife of Prince Edward, must in turn curtsey to Kate.

According to The Daily Beast, Kate was last seen publicly performing the curtsey two weekends ago when she greeted Prince Philip on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the Trooping of the Colour ceremony.

The Order was last updated in 2005 after Prince Charles’s second marriage.

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Prince Harry Comes to US for Humanitarian Honor

JSN Photography/WireImage(WASHINGTON) -- Britain’s Prince Harry is known around the world as the fun-loving royal, but a series of appearances and a prestigious honor Monday in Washington, D.C., will give Harry a chance to show his more serious side.

The 27-year-old prince will share the stage with the likes of U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at a gala Monday night to accept the 2012 Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership from the Atlantic Council, a Washington-based think tank.

Harry, himself an Afghanistan veteran, will accept the award on behalf of his older brother, Prince William, for the work the pair do with military-focused charities such as Walking With the Wounded, a British charity that retrains and re-educates veterans, and Help for Heroes, which helps wounded servicemen and women.

Harry, the third in line to the throne, spent two months in the United States last year completing a two-month helicopter training program in California and Arizona as part of a longer training program for his role as an Apache attack helicopter pilot.  Known as Captain Wales in the British army, Harry was recognized by the Britain Defense Ministry as the best front-seat pilot, or co-pilot gunner, from his class of more than 20 fellow Apache helicopter pilots when he completed the full training in February.

The prince, who entered the military in May 2005, first served in Afghanistan with the Household Cavalry of Britain’s Army Air Corps in 2008, but was held back after his presence in the country was leaked because he was considered a high-value target.

While in Washington, Harry will also meet with a group of wounded British military personnel at the British Ambassador’s Residence and take part in Warrior Games, an annual event in which wounded service members compete in Paralympic-style sporting events, according to the BBC.

Harry’s visit to the United States comes on the heels of his seven-day tour of the Caribbean, his first official tour on behalf of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Harry was widely applauded for the fun and charm he brought to the overseas tour, which celebrated the queen’s Diamond Jubilee of 60 years on the throne.

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