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Former Swiss Banker Found Guilty In WikiLeaks Leak

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(ZURICH, Switzerland) – A former Swiss banker has escaped a prison sentence for charges he breached Switzerland’s bank secrecy laws by leaking confidential banking files to WikiLeaks.

Rudolf Elmer was found guilty and fined, but the judge in Zurich declined the eight-month prison sentence sought by prosecutors.

Elmer had said he leaked files from the bank he used to work for, Julius Baer, in order to expose tax evasion by rich businessmen and politicians.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has said the files will be posted on the whistleblowing website once they are verified.

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Swiss Whistleblower Hands WikiLeaks Over 2,000 Bank Files

Photo Courtesy - Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Whistleblower and former Swiss banker Rudolf Elmer handed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange two CDs Monday that contain details of the Swiss bank accounts of more than 2,000 American, European and Asian individuals and multinational companies.

Among the bank account owners, Elmer says, are some 40 politicians, as well as business leaders, celebrities, organized crime leaders, and three major financial institutions, including his former employer Bank Julius Baer.   He claims the documents give evidence of massive potential tax evasion as well as other potentially illegal activity by banks.                                                                                                                     
“WikiLeaks is my only hope to get society to know what’s going on,” Elmer said, adding that he had attempted unsuccessfully to give the material to tax authorities and members of the media.

Elmer said he would not immediately release the names of any individuals or institutions, in part to ensure that the names on the accounts are real and not aliases for individuals or companies involved.
“The investigation is for government authorities to sort out," Elmer said.

Elmer repeatedly emphasized that he, not Assange, takes full responsibility for the information.

Assange himself said, "This is not my news conference.  This is Mr. Elmer's news conference."  And he added it will take several weeks for WikiLeaks to vet the documents.   “We haven't seen the material,” Assange said. 

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