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Hezbollah-Backed Mikati Appointed PM, Protests Rage in Tripoli

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(BEIRUT, Lebanon) – Hezbollah-backed Najib Mikati has been named as Lebanon’s prime minister designate, despite continued protests around the country backing outgoing Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

Major protests in Tripoli, as well as smaller ones in Beirut, were part of what has been called a “day of rage,” despite Hariri’s continued condemnation of the violence.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that a government controlled by Hezbollah would “clearly" impact U.S. relations with the country, as Washington sees the group as a terrorist organization. Mikati, however, told the BBC he is in no way related to Hezbollah and considers himself a “moderate” politician.

The political crisis and following unrest were the result of an investigation into the murder of Hariri’s father, Rafik Hariri, which is expected to point to Hezbollah members.

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What's Next? Lebanon's Government Falls 

Photo Courtesy - US State Dept.(BEIRUT, Lebanon) – With the collapse of the Lebanese unity government after Hezbollah's withdrawal, the country is headed for a period of continued political stalemate, say analysts in Beirut.

The collapse is not official, however, as the president is still technically obligated to accept resignations. Should that occur, the president along with parliament will begin consultations to nominate a new prime minister. It is likely that Prime Minister Saad Hariri would be re-nominated.

Meanwhile, President Obama met with Hariri in Washington. In a paper statement, the White House said efforts by the Hezbollah-led coalition to bring down the Lebanese government “only demonstrate their own fear and determination to block the government’s ability to conduct its business and advance the aspirations of all of the Lebanese people.”

During the meeting, Obama commended Prime Minister Hariri for his “steadfast leadership and efforts to reach peace, stability, and consensus in Lebanon under difficult circumstances.”

At the root of the collapse was Hariri’s refusal to end Lebanon’s participation in the United Nations investigation over his father’s assassination which is expected to indict Hezbollah members.
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