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Protesters Clash with Police Over Pro-Pinochet Documentary

AFP/Getty Images(SANTIAGO, Chile) -- Demonstrators protesting against a government-sponsored documentary that praises former General Augusto Pinochet have clashed with police in Chile, BBC News reports.

Police forces used water cannons and tear gas to disperse the protesters outside of the Caupolican theatre, and made several arrests. The former general ruled the nation for 17 years, after a coup against democratically-elected Marxist president Salvador Allende on September 11, 1973. Thousands of citizens were tortured, arrested, killed or forced into exile throughout his 17-year reign. He died in 2006.

Relatives of victims have asked President Sebastian to ban the documentary, "Pinochet," calling it insensitive and saying it glorifies the dictator's vicious regime. Organizers say it intends to show the general as he really was, and not as the media portrayed him, according to the BBC.

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Man Steals Glacier for Designer Ice Cubes

File photo. Hemera/Thinkstock(AISEN, Chile) -- Police in Chile nabbed a glacier thief who wanted to turn a national monument into cold, hard cash.

Five tons of ice that had been chipped off the Jorge Montt glacier, which is 1,100 miles south of Santiago, were found inside of a refrigerated truck last Friday.

The glacial ice was bound for restaurants and bars in Santiago where it would be sold at a premium and placed in cocktails, police told a Chilean newspaper.

The unidentified man will face charges of theft. Officials are especially concerned because the Jorge Montt glacier has been shrinking at a rate of half a mile per year.

“People seem to be willing to buy ice or water from glaciers or icebergs.  And, if something is valuable, are you totally surprised to hear that someone somewhere has considered stealing some of it?” Richard Alley, a glacier expert at Penn State University, wrote in an email to ABC News.

Alley said when glacial ice melts around bubbles, the bubble wall makes a popping noise, “releasing a little air that had been trapped in the bubble, perhaps for hundreds or even thousands of years.”

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Chilean Plane Crashes off Juan Fernandez Islands, All 21 Feared Dead

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(JUAN FERNANDEZ) -- A Chilean air force plane carrying 21 people crashed near the Juan Fernandez islands off of Chile’s Pacific coast Friday night.

BBC News reports that the Casa-212 plane from Santiago attempted to land at the islands' airport twice before it was reported missing, according to Chilean Defense Minister Andres Allamand.

The islands' mayor reported rough and windy conditions when the plane was due to land.

Plane wreckage and luggage was found in the water, confirming the plane had crashed.

Among the passengers onboard was Felipe Camiroaga, the host of Chile's popular national TV program Good Morning Everyone.

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Riot Police Fire Tear Gas, Water Cannons at Protesters in Santiago

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(SANTIAGO) -- Riot police fired tear gas and water cannons at crowds during Thursday's unauthorized student protests over educational costs in the Chilean capital of Santiago.

Students set up barricades of burning tires around the city Thursday morning and threw rocks at approaching army tanks trying to put out the fires.

Hundreds of protesters were detained by riot police as they tried to march on the Plaza de Armas in the city center.

In Chile, public schools are owned by municipalities instead of the state and, therefore, the quality of education varies based on location.

Students want public universities to be government-owned and free of charge.

During a second protest in the evening, students holding banners began marching on Plaza Italia.

Within 10 minutes, riot police arrived in tanks and began firing tear gas on the crowd. Students covered their mouths and ran as tears ran down from their bloodshot eyes.

For weeks, more than 100,000 students, most of whom are at the undergraduate or high school level, have been protesting on the streets of Santiago.

Chile spends 4.4 percent of the country's budget on public education, less than the seven percent recommended by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

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