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Secretary Clinton Claims Karzai's Anti-US Comments 'Taken out of Context'

Win McNamee/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- In a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton responded to questions regarding Afghanistan President Karzai’s recent comments expressing his support for Pakistan -- even a willingness to ally with the country in a hypothetical armed conflict against the U.S.

Clinton said that she does not believe that Karzai was distancing himself from the United States.

“President Karzai and I had a very productive meeting when I was in Kabul last week,” she said. “So, frankly, when I heard about the comments, we immediately asked Ambassador Crocker to go in and figure out what it meant and what the point of it was...[He] reported back that he really believed that what Karzai was talking about was the long history of cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan...And that it is not at all about a war that anybody was predicting and that it was both taken out of context and misunderstood.”

Karzai had said to a Pakistani television station that in event of a conflict with the United States, Afghanistan would support Pakistan.

These comments were made only a day after Clinton visited him in Afghanistan.

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