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McCain Says Al-Assad Has 'Upper Hand' in Syria

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Senator John McCain's visit to Syria last week was a secret, but he's not holding back on what he thinks is the status of the two-year-long conflict and it isn't good.

Appearing on CBS' Face the Nation Monday, the Arizona Republican accused the U.S. of sitting back and watching as President Bashar al-Assad gains "the upper hand" on the Syrian opposition.

McCain said the fighters that he met during his unannounced and quick sojourn into Syria from Turkey were neither al Qaeda or extremists elements but "some very strong and good people who are fighting for freedom and are being massacred as we speak."

However, without help from Washington and the West, McCain said the previous contention one year ago that al-Assad looked like he was on his way out doesn't apply anymore.

Repeating the assessment of Middle East analysts who say that the Syrian government has been boosted by Russian and Iranian weapons as well as Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon, McCain said the quickest way to help the Syrian opposition is with a no-fly zone that would not entail any direct U.S. military involvement.

Meanwhile, as far as the upcoming peace summit in Geneva is concerned, McCain expressed doubts al-Assad would send representatives as long as he's prevailing on the battlefield.

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Senators McCain and Lieberman Seek Economic Aid for Egypt

Photo Courtesy - ABC News (WASHINGTON) -- Two key senators Thursday said the U.S. must help Egypt rebuild its economy in the wake of the revolution that swept through the country last month.
“I wouldn’t take our eye off Egypt,” Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said at the Brookings Institution in Washington. “Egypt is the heart and soul of the Arab world and what happens in Egypt, I think, will be vital to what happens in the rest of the region.”
McCain recently traveled to Egypt and other nearby countries with Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., who joined him at Thursday’s event. Both senators said the U.S. should take an active role in bringing economic assistance to Egypt.
“I think, two things, very quickly, one is, to assist with the mechanisms of a free and fair election, the voter education, the voter registration. A lot of that they're very smart and doing themselves,” McCain said. “But the second and most important thing is job creation. This thing started with a young man in Tunisia who had a college degree who couldn't get a license to sell vegetables, so he burned himself to death. He epitomized in many ways this educated class of young people who had no hope and no job opportunity. And I would say that it's all kinds of assistance, but I would say that the thing they probably want more than anything else is investment, investment to create jobs.”
The lawmakers also suggested working with other countries on debt forgiveness for Egypt. However, Lieberman acknowledged that such actions “will be a tough sell on the Hill now because of all our deficit problems.”
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