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'Bra-Gate' Angers Foreign Press in Israel

Jim Hollander/Pool/Getty Images(JERUSALEM) -- The Foreign Press Association in Israel blasted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office Thursday, after the security team forced several female journalists to take off their bras before being allowed into press events. The incidents follow a similar episode in January dubbed "Bra-gate" by the Israeli press when a female reporter for Al Jazeera was denied entrance to a Netanyahu press conference for refusing to remove her bra, after already taking off other items of clothing.

The FPA said that it condemned the "continued harassment" of journalists and said it would be discussing whether its members should continue covering events at the prime minister's office.

"In the past two days, three female reporters in separate incidents were forced to undress, remove their bras and have them placed through an X-ray machine in front of a group of colleagues," the statement read. "In addition, pocketbooks were emptied in public, with personal items also put on display and X-rayed for everyone to see."

"This type of treatment is unnecessary, humiliating and counterproductive. After repeated appeals and promises by security officials it appears that the Prime Minister's Office does not have the desire to stop this happening," the statement said.

The FPA said that it is only at the prime minister's office that this type of intrusive scrutiny occurs.

The prime minister's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Hot or Not? Accounting Firm Men Rated Female Employees

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(GREAT BRITAIN) – Male workers at an accounting firm in the United Kingdom are accused of circulating a crude e-mail chain that rated whether new female recruits were hot or not.

PricewaterhouseCoopers is investigating reports that the men sent e-mails with the photos of new female workers and a rank of their attractiveness. The women included were all new hires and recent college graduates, according to PWC spokesman Johanna Dehaene.

The global accounting firm, which is one of the largest in Great Britain, found out about the rating system Tuesday evening after The Irish Independent newspaper obtained a copy of the e-mail.

One e-mail chain seen by ABC News was started by senior associate Stephen Tully and then forwarded on by two other senior associates. Tully's subject line read: "This would be my shortlist for the top 10." Other colleagues wrote: "Great work.. have reservations about the last one getting in" and "FYI. New clunge." "Clunge" is a British slang word for vagina.

PWC has launched an investigation and would not comment on what the consequences for the men will be. In all, 17 names were on the e-mail circulation list.

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