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Shark Attack in South Africa Causes Honeymoon Scare

Comstock/Thinkstock(GANSBAAI, South Africa) -- A close encounter with a great white shark nearly ended a couple's honeymoon -- literally -- for one man in South Africa.

The man, identified only as “Roger” in a video posted on YouTube, was diving in the waters off Gansbaai, South Africa, last Thursday, when a great white shark made a grab for him and a fellow diver inside a cage.

Instead of going after the bait outside of the cage, the shark dove for his head, with his jaws wide open, inside.

“For the first few seconds, you can’t help but think the worst has happened,” said Bryan Plummer, the fellow shark diver who captured the terrifying scene on camera.

The honeymooner, who had just said “I do” the day before the dive, according to Plummer, managed to swim down just below the shark’s open mouth and avoid injury.

“His instinct was to just go down and avoid where the shark had access to,” said Plummer.  “[It was] very quick thinking on his part.”

The terrifying moments before it was clear that both divers had survived were captured on YouTube by Plummer who described it as an “out of control situation.”

“Apologies for any profanity in the video,” Plummer writes in his description of the clip.

Experts say the shark was acting on its natural instincts.

“When they get the scent of blood or scent of fish in the water they can go into quite a frantic feeding-type frenzy,” said Ken Ramirez, executive vice president of Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium.  “They just sort of devour and hit everything in their path.”

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Witnesses Describe Rare, Deadly New Zealand Shark Attack

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(AUCKLAND, New Zealand) -- A New Zealand fisherman was one of many witnesses to a rare, deadly shark attack Wednesday on a man swimming 200 yards offshore, west of Auckland.

“He just shouted out ‘shark,’ and the next minute we saw him rolling around,” Pio Mose, the fisherman who saw the attack, said.  “There was blood everywhere on the water.  First, there was one shark, but then after five or six minutes there were three sharks all over him, rolling him around.”

Mose said the victim raised his head as the first shark attacked him, and Mose and others onshore shouted to the victim.

“We yelled out at him to swim over to the rocks, and he raised his hand up,” Mose said.  “The next minute he went down, the shark pulled him down.”

Rescue teams raced into the water in a desperate attempt to reach the swimmer.  Tim Jago of the Life Saving Club said that when his team found the body, the sharks were still there.

“The police managed to distract the shark while we extracted the person from the water,” Russell Clarke of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Paramedic team said.

Police in boats took aim at the shark.

“My guy took a firearm, discharged his firearm at the shark,” said New Zealand Police Inspector Shawn Rutene.  “We do not know if he hit the shark, but the shark rolled and disappeared.”

But it was too late.  The victim, a man in his 40s, who has not been named, was dead.  Rutene said that the man’s family was very upset and distraught.

Witnesses said the shark was huge.  Experts who screened footage said the shark may have been more than 10 feet long.

“I think it’s most likely to have been a great white shark in this instance,” Craig Thorburn, a marine biologist, said. “In reality, the only sharks around New Zealand that ever really take on prey items as big as a person would be a great white.”

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Shark Kills Australian Surfer, Fifth Attack Victim in 10 Months

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- A massive hunt is on for a 15-foot great white shark that killed a surfer, the fifth shark-attack victim off the Western Australia coast in recent months.

Australian surfer Ben Linden, 24, was killed in a sudden attack Saturday. With five people killed by sharks off the country’s beaches, the last 10 months are the deadliest period on record. Australia averages one shark-related fatality a year.

Mat Homles, 22, who was surfing with Linden, witnessed the attack.

“I just saw a shark come out of the water like it was eating a seal, there was blood everywhere and a massive, massive white shark circling the body,” Homles said.

Surfing was Ben Linden’s soul, his girlfriend Alana Noakes said.

Now helicopters and boats are scouring the waters for Linden’s remains and the shark that killed him in a lightning fast strike.

Just a few days ago in the same waters, two spear-fishermen encountered what was believed to be the same shark. Using only the tips of their spears, they prodded the shark for 10 terrifying minutes to keep it at bay before making it to safety.

Authorities have closed the beach and are baiting hooks in the water hoping to catch the shark.

Shark expert Ralph Collier says sharks do not usually carry away a human, which happened in Linden’s case, and so it seems the shark was feeding.

Collier says there are more sightings because there are more observers as the human population increases.

“The reason we have more reports is we have more surfers and boaters and kayakers recording these encounters, not that we have more sharks,” said Ralph Collier of the Shark Research Committee.

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Shark Attack in Seychelles Kills Honeymooner

File photo. (Comstock/Thinkstock)(LONDON) -- A man snorkeling on his honeymoon in the Seychelle Islands was fatally attacked by a shark as his bride, who was sunning on the beach, heard his screams.

Ian Redmond, 30, died of his injures Tuesday.

Redmond had been swimming in tranquil waters of Anse Lazio beach on the island of Praslin Tuesday when the attack occurred.

He and his wife of two weeks, Gemma Houghton, were one of thousands of couples who flock to the Indian Ocean islands from Europe yearly. Newlyweds Prince William and Duchess Kate visited North Island in Seychelles for their honeymoon earlier this year.

Sunbathers and fellow tourists were alerted to the deadly incident when they heard Redmond's cries for help.

One American tourist who witnessed the attack told The Telegraph, "I saw a swimmer who was missing a huge chunk of flesh from his left leg - so much so that I could see the bone of his thigh. He was sickeningly pale, but still had his flippers on both feet. "

Redmond was pulled to shore by witnesses in a boat and died shortly afterwards of blood loss in a hospital.

This is the latest in a recent outbreak of shark attacks on the beach of Anse Lazio in the Seychelles. A French tourist was killed two weeks ago by a shark under similar circumstances while snorkeling in the waters during late afternoon.

Seychelles ambassador to the U.S., Ronald Jumeau, told ABC News that reports circulating about the killer shark's size of 6 feet were false.

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