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Black Smoke Emerges from Sistine Chapel After Second Papal Vote

VINCENZO PINTO/AFP/Getty Images(VATICAN CITY) -- Black smoke emerging from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel Wednesday morning indicated that the 115 cardinal electors of the Roman Catholic Church failed to elect a pope in their second vote.

The cardinals started the conclave on Tuesday afternoon, but black smoke emerged from the chapel's chimney a few hours afterwards, signaling that no candidate had received the two-thirds majority -- 77 votes -- needed for election.

With such a wide open conclave, the failure to pick the next pontiff on the first day did not come as a surprise.

"As the votes go on, a certain clarity usually arrives," Fr. John Wauck, a U.S. priest living in Rome, told ABC News.  "No one said electing a pope was going to be easy."

However, a key cardinal from the United States voiced optimism that a decision would be made soon.  Before the conclave began, Cardinal Timothy Dolan said in a letter to his priests in New York that he believed a successor to the retired Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI would be picked by Thursday evening.

Dolan himself is viewed as a potential candidate to become the next pope, as is fellow American Cardinal Sean O'Malley from Boston.  But there has never been an American pope or any pope from outside of Europe.  Other candidates viewed as potential frontrunners are cardinals Angelo Scola of Italy, Marc Ouellet of Canada, Peter Erdo of Hungary and Odilo Scherer of Brazil.

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Plant Workers Evacuated in Japan after Smoke Emerges from Unit 3

ABC News(TOKYO) -- Workers have been evacuated after black smoke was seen emerging from Unit 3 of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in northeastern Japan, Tokyo's utility company said Wednesday.

"Black steam is coming from reactor number 3," said a company spokesman through an NHK TV translator.  "We don't know the details but to be doubly sure of the safety of the operators, operating workers have been evacuated."

Operators of the power station have been desperately trying to cool the reactors and spent fuel pools at the plant after it was damaged by this month's tsunami, which knocked out power to the cooling systems.

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Workers Evacuated After Smoke Reported Over Japan's Plant

ABC News(TOKYO) -- Workers at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant were evacuated from the site Monday as smoke was once again reported over one of the plant's reactors.

A gray cloud of smoke was seen hovering over the plant's number 3 reactor during the late afternoon, prompting the evacuation of workers while authorities began investigations to determine the cause of the smoke.  No explosions have been confirmed.

Speaking to reporters Monday, Japan's Chief Cabinet Officer Yukio Edano said he's uncertain if the smoke is tied to spent fuel rods at the site.

"We do not know if there is a link or not," Edano said through an NHK TV translator.  "We're not saying if there is or not.  We are continuing to observe the situation.  And so far radiation readings, figures show that the situation is not turning for the worse."

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