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ISAF Soldier Killed by Attacker in Afghan Army Uniform

ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- An individual dressed in an Afghan National Army uniform opened fire on coalition forces in eastern Afghanistan Friday, killing one service member, according to NATO's International Security Assistance Force.

The ISAF did not identify the nationality of the fallen soldier, but the police chief of Ghaziabad, in Kunar province, said the troop was American.

The police chief added that two other soldiers were wounded in the attack.  The gunman managed to escape.

The Taliban has since claimed responsibility for the shooting, saying the person posing as an Afghan soldier was a Taliban infiltrator sent to join the Afghan National Army months ago, with the specific mission of turning his gun against U.S. forces.

NATO said the incident is being investigated.

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US Soldier Accused of Killing 16 Afghans, Both Women and Children

Spencer Platt/Getty Images(ISLAMABAD, Pakistan) -- In an untimely blow to U.S.-Afghan relations, a U.S. soldier left his base in Kandahar in the middle of the night, walked to a nearby residential area and opened fire, allegedly killing up to 16 Afghan civilians.

Nine of the victims were children, and three were women, all shot while they slept in their beds, according to villagers and the Afghan president's office.

U.S. officials were quick to condemn the attack.

"I offer my profound regret and deepest condolences to the victims and their families," Gen. John Allen, head of NATO forces in Afghanistan, said in a statement.

"This deeply appalling incident in no way represents the values of ISAF [International Security Assistance Force] and coalition troops or the abiding respect we feel for the Afghan people."

After the alleged shooting spree, it's believed the soldier returned to the base on his own, and calmly turned himself in. He remains in NATO custody. It's unclear whether the soldier knew the victims or whether the alleged attack was spontaneous and unprovoked. It's also unknown whether he had any accomplices.

The shooting took place at 3 a.m. in two villages in the Panjwai district of southern Kandahar province, a hotbed for the Taliban insurgency against U.S .forces. The two villages are a short walk away from the U.S. base where the soldier was stationed.

Photos from the scene show blood-splattered floors and walls inside a villagers home, one of three believed to have been attached, and blood-soaked bodies of victims, including the elderly and young children, wrapped in blankets and placed in the backseat of a van. Some of the bodies appear to have been burned.

NATO has launched its own investigation, and Afghan President Hamid Karzai has sent his own delegation to Kandahar for its own inquiry.

The shooting is certain to further strain U.S.-Afghan relations, already suffering from weeks of mistrust after U.S. forces burned Korans and other religious materials at a detention centre near Kabul. U.S. officials, including Gen. Allen and Barack Obama apologized for the incident, insisting it was done unintentionally, but it led to deadly riots in many cities and towns, leaving at least 30 Afghans dead.

Six U.S. soldiers were also killed, all by members of Afghanistan's national security forces, in alleged revenge attacks.

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US Objected to Release of Some Palestinians Swapped for Israeli Soldier

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- The United States objected to the release of some of the 477 Palestinian prisoners released Tuesday in exchange for a captured Israeli soldier because they were involved in attacks on Americans, the State Department said Tuesday.

“We have looked at some of these individuals and we’ve communicated our position after we became aware that specific individuals have been identified as part of this release,” State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner said. He said, however, that the State Department welcomed the release of Gilad Shalit, who had been held in Gaza for more than five years by the militant group Hamas.

“As a matter of principal, the U.S. opposes the release of individuals who have been convicted of crimes against Americans,” he added.

Toner declined to identify the individual prisoners of concern. He said he was unaware whether Israel had chosen not to release any of the individuals due to American concerns.

A State Department official, speaking anonymously in order to discuss the sensitive issue, confirmed that multiple individuals were released despite the American objections.

The Shalit case was big news in Israel. His family camped out in front of the prime minister’s office for years to keep pressure on the Israeli government to secure his release. When the prisoner swap, which will ultimately send about 1,000 jailed Palestinians back home, was announced last week, it was also met with concerns that Israel was giving up too much for Shalit’s freedom and that it could set a precedent for future hostage situations.

The Israeli cabinet voted to approve the swap last week and on Tuesday Shalit was greeted in his hometown by cheering crowds waving Israeli flags.

Israel is reportedly considering another prisoner swap, this time with Egypt in exchange for an Israeli-American student who was arrested there and accused of spying for Israel.

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Hamas Frees Israeli Soldier Held for Five Years

Elana Levi-Zrihan(JERUSALEM) -- An Israeli soldier held by the militant group Hamas for more than five years was turned over to Egypt Tuesday as part of a swap of more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners.

Gilad Shalit will be flown to central Israel for a medical check-up before he reunites with his family.

In turn, the first 447 Palestinian detainees are being released, many of whom were sentenced to life in prison.

The deal, announced last week by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and brokered by Egyptian mediators, is supported by 80 percent of Israelis, according to a recent poll.

Shalit was captured in June 2006 after Palestinians had dug a tunnel to attack an Israeli outpost.  The Israeli Army then launched a major offensive to win the soldier's freedom but the operation failed.

Before Tuesday, the last proof Shalit was still alive was in 2009 after Hamas released a tape in exchange for Israel freeing several prisoners.

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NATO Soldier Goes Missing in Afghanistan


UPDATE: The British Ministry of Defense has confirmed that the soldier was British, and that he has been found dead. Officials say ISAF forces found the soldier’s dead body, which bore gunshot wounds.


(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- A soldier from the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) coalition has gone missing in Afghanistan.

The ISAF issued a press release Monday saying that one of its service members “has been listed as duty status whereabouts unknown in southern Afghanistan.”

Officials say an active search is in progress, in attempts to locate the missing soldier.

Meanwhile, the Taliban is claiming that they have captured and killed the missing soldier in Helmand province. This has not been confirmed by NATO officials.

Details about the soldier’s identity weren’t released.

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American Soldier Killed in Western Afghanistan

ABC News(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- An American soldier was killed in Afghanistan on Tuesday, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said Thursday.

"One United States Forces-Afghanistan service member was killed on June 7 in western Afghanistan during an operation," a release from the ISAF said.

The soldier's identity was not immediately released.

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American Service Member Killed in Iraq, Ninth This Month

Antenna Audio, Inc./Getty Images(BAGHDAD) -- A U.S. service member was killed in a non-hostile incident Wednesday in southern Iraq, bringing the number of American troops who have died or been killed in the country this month to nine.

The identity of the U.S. service member has not been released, pending the notification of his family.

Officials said the incident is under investigation.

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Iraq: American Soldier Killed In IED Attack

Antenna Audio, Inc./Getty Images(BAGHDAD) -- A U.S. service member has been killed in a combat-related incident in southern Iraq, the military said Monday, the first American soldier reported killed in action in Iraq since January 15.

The service member died of wounds suffered from an IED attack. The military said the soldier was conducting convoy operations at the time.

The soldier's name has not been released, pending notification of next of kin.

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