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Peruvian Soccer Players Collapse After 'Drink Spiked with Sedatives' 

Photo Courtesy - www dot acosvinchos dot tk(PERU) -- Four soccer players fainted during a match in Peru after allegedly being given drinks spiked with sedatives by the opposing coach, reported The Sun.

The Hijos de Acosvinchos team lost nearly half of their bench after players drank energy drinks that were handed to them by the coach for the Sport Ancash team.

According to The Sun, one player was rushed away by an ambulance amid fears he had a undetected heart condition.  Moments later, another player collapsed.  Hospital tests later revealed traces of tranquillizers in their blood.

The President of Sport Ancash, Pepe Mallqui, denied charges that the players were drugged.  He blamed the incident on a heavy meal the players had consumed before the match and on “the physical effort they put in."

Sport Ancash went on to win the match 3-0.

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