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Santa‚Äôs Daring Mall Stunt Leaves Him Hanging in Mid-Air

G Goodman/YouTube(BERKSHIRE, England) -- One Santa Claus in England gave mall shoppers a bit more than they had expected when his rappelling stunt went wrong.

The Santa was descending from a hole in the roof of the Broad Street Mall in Reading as part of a show to light up the mall’s Christmas lights when his fake beard got stuck in the rope, leaving him hanging for about 40 minutes.

Video of Santa’s misadventure was posted on the mall’s website.

It starts out showing crowds gathered for the lighting and a male announcer can be heard calling for “Father Christmas.” The crowd responds with cheers and Santa appears from a hole above the area where the crowd had gathered.

He waves while he makes his descent, but at about the halfway point he stops.

The announcer, who had been chanting “Ho! Ho! Ho!” begins to address the Santa directly, while the crowd’s cheers turn to laughter.

“Oh, no! He hasn’t got the rope stuck in his beard?” the announcer said, adding, “Father Christmas, are you going to stay up there, Father Christmas?

“Well, shall we go on and switch on the lights anyway?”

The crowd roared its approval. Bright lights blinked and cheery Christmas songs began to play, all while Santa dangled in the air over the festivities.

The Daily Mail newspaper reported that Santa, who’s really 32-year-old Steve Chessell of the British Army, hung there for about 40 minutes before another member of his unit came to his rescue.

The video shows the other soldier rappelling down and untangling Chessell’s beard, allowing him to finish the descent on his own. When he reached the ground, he shook his rescuer’s hand. The crowd cheered.

Chessell was not hurt.

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German Web Stunt Turns Deadly

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- A German amateur stunt performer died instantly from head injuries after being thrown from a spinning playground carousel in a Jackass-style stunt gone awry in the Bavarian town of Oberviehbach.

The 20-year-old man, known only as Tobias, was part of the group known as the “Bavarian Dumbasses,” a gang of six young German men who gained notoriety for filming their shenanigans and posting them to the web via YouTube and Facebook.

Tobias was taped to the playground carousel and roped to a BMW by his three cohorts on Sunday, according to the Munchner Merkur newspaper. With the rope hitched to the car, the three other young men, who the paper said were 18-20 years old, then put the car in full throttle in attempt to spin Tobias as fast as possible.

As the car took off, Tobias was propelled by centrifugal force at an incredibly high speed – so fast that the tape tore off and he was sent hurtling six yards from the merry-go-round and head first into the ground.

Police are now looking at manslaughter charges against the friends, according to the paper.

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Chinese Tightrope Walker Survives High-Wire Fall

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- A Chinese acrobat attempting to walk both backwards and blindfolded across a high-wire tightrope saw his death-defying feat come to a nearly death-inducing end when he slipped just a few feet from the end of his walk.

The acrobat, Aisikaier, fell from a more than 600-foot high tightrope while crossing a ravine in Hunan Province, according to the BBC, relaying a report from China State television channel CCTV.

Holding only a 19-foot pole to help guide him, Aisikaier, a sixth-generation performer, had been walking across the rope for nearly 50 minutes when he lost his balance.  He fell just 131 feet short of completing the nearly 2,300-foot distance, the BBC reports.

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According to reports, Aisikaier avoided any serious injuries because his fall was broken by trees and bushes on the side of the slope.  He was seen in video footage walking back up the side of the ravine after his fall.

The daredevil said he lost his balance because he felt faint at the end of the walk and was struck by wind, according to the UK’s The Telegraph.

Aisikaier would have set a new world record if he had accomplished the feat, according to China Central Television.

Last month daredevil Nik Wallenda completed a 1,500-foot-walk on a two-inch-wide wire suspended nearly 200 feet in the air for  to become the first person to traverse Niagara Falls on a high wire.  The feat took him a little more than 25 minutes to complete.

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VIDEO: Skydiver Lands Safely Without Parachute from 2,400 Feet

Karen Sutton - Limelight Marketing/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Stuntman Gary Connery plummeted from 2,400 feet — without a parachute — and landed completely unscathed in the middle of more than 18,000 cardboard boxes in Buckinghamshire, England, Wednesday.

Connery became the first person to jump out of an aircraft wearing only a wingsuit and land without a parachute, the jump organizers said.

After exiting the helicopter, Connery, 42, reached speeds of 80 mph and then slowed to 50 mph before hitting the boxes. The jump lasted about 50 seconds.

“I feel incredible, just completely elated,” said Connery. “I have been training and planning for this record attempt for many years now, and I am so proud to have achieved a world first.”

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VIDEO: High-Speed Motorcycle Stunt Goes Wrong, Driver Survives

Zoonar/Thinkstock(PENHA, Brazil) -- A motorcycle stunt rider is lucky to be alive after a misjudgment in distance sent him flying 80 feet through the air during a high-speed, high-risk stunt.

Denis Borges and fellow rider Anderson Sanches were attempting to weave through three oncoming cars during a stunt Nov. 21 at the Beto Carrero World theme park in Penha, Brazil, when Borges misjudged the distance and, drove straight into one of the vehicles.

Video captured by a spectator at the riders’ “Extreme Show” performance shows Sanches successfully making it through the cars, while Borges pops a wheelie and crashes, and is then sent flying through the air.

Borges landed and rolled another 40 feet before finally landing approximately 82 feet from where the crash first occurred. Medics rushed to Borges’s aid as he lay motionless on the ground.

Both he and Sanches, as a precaution, were immediately taken to a nearby hospital but, amazingly, did not sustain serious injuries, according a statement released by Beto Carrero World.

The theme park, the largest in Latin America, also said both men were back at work the next day.

“The drivers are professionals who already have more than 10 years experience and rehearse their maneuvers on a daily basis,” Beto Carrero World said in its statement. “It was a really scary accident, but it also served to show how extreme the show is.”

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