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Kabul Bombing: Insurgents Killed in Afghan Hotel Attack

Intercontinental Kabul(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- Afghan police and international forces have killed all the gunmen who stormed a landmark hotel in Kabul Tuesday, in one of the most significant attacks in Afghanistan in the past few years.

As many as six suicide bombers and gunmen attacked the Intercontinental Hotel, where Afghan officials had gathered for a conference, according to police.

At least one suicide bomber blew himself up at the hotel entrance and at least four explosions were heard during the gun battle between the insurgents and police and international forces.

The battle ended after troops in NATO helicopters circling over the hotel shot and killed three of the insurgents on the roof.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.

An Afghan news agency is reporting that at least 10 people have died, but that figure has not been independently confirmed.

Afghan officials, including provincial governors, were staying at the Intercontinental because of a conference on transition that begins Wednesday. Afghan forces are scheduled to take charge of security in some areas of the country starting in July.

According to a State Department official, no American officials were affected by the attack. It's not yet known if any other Americans have been killed or injured.

It is not known if there was a particular target staying at the hotel, which sits on a hill above the city, or if the target was the hotel itself.

The attack occurred while guests were having dinner.  Power to the hotel and the entire surrounding neighborhood was cut. As they responded to the attack, police cordoned off streets leading to the hotel.

The International Security Assistance Force, the U.S.-led military force in Afghanistan, said it offered assistance to Afghan authorities.

The Intercontinental Hotel is the most famous hotel in Afghanistan and one of the icons of Kabul, where many Westerners and Afghan officials stay and hold meetings.

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Insurgents Attack Prominent Kabul Hotel

Interncontinental Kabul(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- Insurgents in Afghanistan have attacked the Intercontinental Hotel in the capital city of Kabul with as many as six suicide bombers and gunmen, according to initial reports.

At least one suicide bomber blew himself up at the hotel's entrance in an attack that's said to have began around 10:30 p.m. local time. At least four explosions have been reported.

A number of Afghan officials, including provincial governors, were known to have been staying at the Intercontinental Hotel on Tuesday night ahead of a scheduled conference.

The number of casualties was not immediately known.

The hotel and surrounding neighborhood are without power and police have cordoned off the area around the building.

"One of the attackers somehow managed, according to an Afghan intelligence official, to get to the fifth floor, to the roof, from where he's firing at national security forces," said Bilal Sarwary of the BBC, who added that in some ways, the situation appears "unprecedented.”

“First it happened very late in the night. This hotel obviously is very well protected. There are several checkpoints before you could get to the top of the hotel, which lies on a hill. So a lot of questions will be asked," he said.

The Intercontinental Hotel is the most famous hotel in Afghanistan and one of the icons of Kabul, where many Westerners stay and hold meetings.

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Dozens Killed After Suicide Bombings at Pakistani Paramilitary Base

HASHAM AHMED/AFP/Getty Images(SHABQADAR, Pakistan) -- In the first terrorist attack in Pakistan since U.S. Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden there, two suicide bombers killed at least 80 paramilitary recruits and injured over 120 others outside a training center in northwest Pakistan Friday.

The suicide bombers blew themselves up at the gate of Frontier Constabulary base as recruits were boarding vans to go home, police said.

The Frontier Constabulary is a poorly-equipped paramilitary force that patrols and helps man checkpoints all over Pakistan, but mostly in the volatile northwest.

The Pakistani Taliban are calling reporters to claim credit for the attack as revenge for bin Laden’s death, although it’s not clear if that is true.  The Taliban has often targeted law enforcement personnel in the settled areas of the northwest as retribution for ongoing military campaigns against militants in the tribal areas.

Friday’s attack occurred in Charsaddah, a settled area next to the Mohmand tribal area, where the army has been fighting on and off for two years.

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Taliban Targets Afghan Government and Security Buildings 

U.S. State Department(KANDAHAR, Afghanistan) -- The Taliban's spring offensive in Afghanistan began in earnest over the weekend as militants attacked various government and security offices inside the southern city of Kandahar.

Authorities said the deadliest assault occurred Saturday, as 18 people were killed and at least 50 wounded in the latest offensive by the Taliban, which continues its attempts to undermine the Afghan government.  Most of the dead were insurgents who brandished guns and rocket-propelled grenades, while some wore suicide vests as they attacked the governor's office, police stations and the local intelligence headquarters.

Afghan security forces were able to repel virtually all of the invasions although two civilians and two security personnel were killed in the onslaught.  By Sunday, there were reports of scattered skirmishes, while the streets of the city were virtually abandoned by pedestrians and business people.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai condemned the violence, which he claimed was in retaliation for the death of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.  However, Taliban leaders insisted the Kandahar operation was planned weeks ago, before bin Laden was killed in Pakistan one week ago.

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Multiple Suicide Attack Kills Three Afghan Police Officers

U.S. State Department(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- Three police officers were killed and three others injured when a police training center in Afghanistan was attacked by multiple suicide bombers Thursday, according to officials.

The attack took place at an Afghan Local Police training center in the Jaji district of Paktia province.  One suicide bomber managed to set off his explosives, while another was shot down by policemen.  Authorities are searching for a third bomber who got away.

The blast killed two members of the ALP and one member of the Afghan National Police.  Three other members of the ANP were also wounded in the attack.

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State Department Sanctions Pakistani Taliban Leader

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) – The State Department has sanctioned Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan leader Qari Hussain in an effort to cut off financial support to Hussain and the group.

The department said Thursday that Hussain is one of TTP’s top lieutenants and is among those who train the group's suicide bombers. He is particularly known for his recruitment of children as bombers.

“Today’s designation of Qari Hussain is in response to the wanton acts of violence he has perpetrated against the people of Pakistan and United States. Hussain’s sponsored operations have had a destabilizing effect on the region and his use of children to carry out suicide bombings is abhorrent,” said Ambassador Daniel Benjamin, the Department of State’s Coordinator for Counterterrorism.   “This case illustrates our continued resolve to undermine TTP senior leaders’ planning and coordination capabilities.”

Among attacks credited to Hussain and the TTP is a September 2010 attack that killed at least 54 during a rally in Quetta.

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