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Group Claims to have Located Whaling Supply Ship, Stopped All Killing

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(FRIDAY HARBOR, Wash.) – Anti-whaling conservation group Sea Shepherd claims to have located a supply ship for a Japanese whaling fleet and prevented any whales from being “killed this season.”
The organization claims that their scout vessel, Gojira, located an “elusive” Japanese refueling and supply ship, the Sun Laurel, in the Southern Ocean. The group said they immediately made moves to intercept the vessel which had not yet delivered supplies to the whaling fleet.

“We have found the Achilles heel of the whaling fleet and we intend to stay on it like a bloodhound to keep this ship from delivering fuel and supplies to the whaling fleet," said Captain Paul Watson. “This tanker’s support of Japan’s illegal activities makes the captain and crew of the Sun Laurel as culpable as the person firing the harpoon into a whale’s flesh.”

The group said the Japanese fleet has spent the entire season fleeing from their ships and there is “no evidence that any whales have been killed this season” as a result.

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