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At Least Eight Killed After Explosion in Afghan Supermarket

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(KABUL, Afghanistan) -- At least three foreigners and five Afghans were killed in what appears to be a shooting and suicide attack that gutted a supermarket in one of Kabul's safest neighborhoods, according to police.

A gunman opened fire inside Finest Supermarket, whose clients are mostly elite Afghans and foreigners, before causing the explosion, which was strong enough to shake buildings in the British embassy across the street, according to eyewitnesses.

The attack is one of the most brazen in a city that was, until this past month, experiencing one of its safest periods since violence increased in Afghanistan in 2006.  If the attack was one on foreigners -- and not targeted at a single person -- it will likely severely restrict foreigners' movements in Kabul.

Two militant groups, including the Taliban, called and texted reporters to claim the target was the head of Xe Services, a private military and security contractor formally known as Blackwater.  But that claim has not been confirmed.

Indians are often targeted in Kabul, but U.S. intelligence officials believe those attacks are usually politically motivated.  This is the first time that non-Indian, civilian foreigners were killed in Kabul in more than two years.  A British charity worker was shot on her way to work back in October of 2008.

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