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Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Cut Aid to Pakistan

Poe [dot] House [dot] gov(WASHINGTON) -- Anger over the possibility that Pakistan was shielding Osama bin Laden from U.S. attacks is growing in Congress.

Some lawmakers have questioned whether Pakistan's government, military or intelligence services knew the whereabouts of bin Laden and his family for years and opted not to share the information with the CIA.

One of the skeptics is Congressman Ted Poe, who announced legislation Wednesday that would cut off aid to Pakistan until it verified to U.S. satisfaction that it was not knowingly harboring bin Laden for the past five or six years.

The Texas Republican told his colleagues on the House floor that "it seems like Pakistan might be playing both sides, and they have a lot of explaining to do."

He asked how bin Laden was free to live in a sprawling compound, much larger than surrounding homes, just a short distance away from a military headquarters and academy.  Poe says he doesn't buy Pakistan's contention that it knew nothing of bin Laden's whereabouts all this time.

Under the terms of the bill, Pakistan would not receive a dime more of the $3 billion appropriated to it by the U.S. this year until the State Department can determine for certain that Islamabad wasn't protecting bin Laden.

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