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James Murdoch Testifies in Leveson Inquiry in UK

Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images(LONDON) -- Rupert Murdoch and his son James are appearing before a British inquiry about press standards less than a year after being questioned at a parliamentary special committee over evidence of phone hacking at their defunct tabloid News of the World.

The widening hacking scandal rocked the media and police in a country where Murdoch owns many of the largest newspapers. 

James Murdoch is appearing first on Tuesday and Rupert Murdoch is scheduled to appear Wednesday and Thursday morning if necessary, the Guardian reported.

According to Hugh Tomlinson of the Queen's Council, the now defunct News of the World allegedly hacked the phones of 4,791 people, from stars to crime victims, to get juicy stories -- all with the encouragement of top editors at the paper and aided by some in the police force.

Rupert Murdoch is also expected to be grilled over allegations of impropriety at his other newspapers.

In February 2012, five employees of the British newspaper The Sun were arrested for allegededly making payments to public officials.  Four former and current Sun journalists were held in January, the BBC reported.

The Leveson inquiry, initiated by British Prime Minister David Cameron following the phone-hacking scandal, has heard from more than 100 witnesses since evidence hearings began in November, the Guardian reported.

Rupert Murdoch made a rare apology in British newspapers last year before echoing the sentiment at a parliamentary hearing.

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Police Arrest Employees from Murdoch's The Sun Newspaper

WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Authorities arrested eight people Saturday, including five employees from Rupert Murdoch's The Sun newspaper, in connection to the phone hacking and corruption scandal, according to police and representatives from News Corporation.

Also arrested was a police officer, a member of the armed services and an employee of the Ministry of Defense, as authorities investigate bribery claims of public officials by journalists. Authorities say British police searched the offices of Murdoch's News Corporation Saturday morning for materials relating to suspected payments to police officers and public officials.

According to police, information leading to the arrests was provided by the Management and Standards Committee, a group established by News Corporation to investigate the corruption scandal.

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