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Report: US Deploying Predator Drones in Yemen

Photo Courtesy - United States Air Force

(WASHINGTON) -- The Washington Post reports the U.S. has Predator drones deployed in Yemen but has fired no missiles because government officials have no solid intelligence telling them where to shoot.  The Post, quoting unnamed U.S. government sources, says the unmanned Predator aircraft have been there for months but without clear information on al Qaeda operatives' whereabouts, there is no point in shooting. 

The drones would target a branch of al Qaeda that claims to be behind several attacks on U.S. targets that could have been disastrous, had they succeeded.  They include the recent attempt to detonate packages aboard cargo planes and the 2009 Christmas Day attempt to blow up a commercial airliner.

A senior administration official tells the Post that leaders of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula have gone into hiding after a series of U.S. cruise missile attacks augmented by Yemeni forces.

Pressed on whether the drones would be free to shoot, a second administration official reportedly said, "The only thing that does fall into the 'no' category right now is boots on the ground."

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