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Syrians Camped Out Along Border Face Worsening Conditions

U.S. Department of State(DAMASCUS, Syria) -- Nearly a week after Syrians from the north started fleeing for the Turkish border, things are getting worse for the thousands camped out just inside Syria.

Strong thunderstorms came down Monday night, leaving camps very muddy and raising river levels.  Several people, kids in particular, are getting fevers and colds as a result.

These camped out families have little shelter.  Some have cars and trucks, while many have brought their livestock.  They can cross into Turkey to seek food and shelter from the Turks and the Red Crescent humanitarian group, but a combination of patriotism, a fear of not being able to return, and the restrictions applied once they're inside a refugee camp have kept many in Syria.

However, that may soon change and not just because of the weather.  Food is beginning to run out and there's a rising fear, as well as reports, that the Syrian army is getting closer -- as close as three miles from the border.

Many may soon be forced to choose whether to cross into Turkey, where the Turks are struggling to welcome as many Syrians as possible in new camps.  By all accounts, they're said to be doing a good job and the Syrian refugees are thankful.

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More Syrian Refugees Cross into Turkey Amid Military Crackdown

U.S. Department of State(BEIRUT) -- As the U.N. debates a resolution to condemn the Syrian government for its violent repression of pro-democracy protests, another large scale military crackdown began Friday morning in a northern town.

For the second night in a row, more than 1,000 Syrian refugees from the town of Jisr al-Shughour crossed the border into Turkey.  Their fears that a military assault was coming materialized Friday morning when Syrian tanks and elite troops amassed just outside their town.

Witnesses say most of the 40,000 residents of Jisr al-Shughour have fled except for a few thousand young activists who've stayed behind to fight.  They've reportedly set fire to fields surrounding the town to slow the army's advance.

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Libya: Wounded Gadhafi Opponents Headed to Turkey for Treatment

U.S. State Department(BENGHAZI, Libya) -- A Turkish ship carrying over 200 people who were injured in violence in Misrata, Libya, arrived in Benghazi Sunday to pick up more of the injured, then head out to its final destination in Turkey, where the injured will receive treatment.

The Turkish ship, Ankara, pulled into Benghazi’s port Sunday evening loaded with 230 injured Gadhafi opponents who suffered injuries during the siege of Misrata. As the ship docked some of the wounded onboard ascended to the top deck and started chanting to the crowd below, with those on land responding with a chant of “we sacrifice our blood and soul for Libya.”

On the ship there were patients suffering from various types of injuries, and with horror stories about what they experienced in Misrata. One woman told ABC News that a sniper shot her and her 14-year-old daughter, and that she lived, but her daughter died. Another wounded person burst into tears saying, “I don’t care about myself, I care about my people. I care about my children.”

The ship went to Benghazi to pick up about 100 more people before it transports the injured to Cesme in Turkey, where the wounded will be treated.

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Iran Nuclear Talks End Inconclusively

Photo Courtesy - Atta Kenare/AFP/Getty Images(ISTANBUL) -- Nuclear talks with Iran ended inconclusively in Istanbul Friday, according to published reports.

At the Turkey-hosted conference, Iran remained adamant that its nuclear program is only intended for energy, and refused to discontinue its atomic facilities. As Iran's uranium enrichment grows more alarming to world leaders, the delegation of diplomats from France, Russia, China, Germany, the U.K, and the U.S. sought an agreement that would prevent Iran from ever creating nuclear weapons.

Talks have yet to be rescheduled.

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Secretary Clinton: No Role for Turkey, Brazil in Nuke Talks with Iran

Sec. Clinton & EU High Rep. Catherine Ashton: Photo Courtesy - U.S. State Department(WASHINGTON) -- Secretary Clinton on Wednesday ruled out any other country’s involvement in talks between Iran and the P5+1 -- comprised of the U.S., UK, France, Germany, Russia and China -- even as Iran proposes to hold the next round of negotiations in Turkey, a country that, along with Brazil, tried to strike a nuke deal with Tehran earlier this year.
“It is a P-5 plus one meeting with the Iranians,” Clinton told reporters. “At this moment, the offer of discussions with the Iranians is in that forum, and that is the appropriate venue for any discussion on any issue to occur.”
The proposal to hold talks in Turkey can be seen as a shrewd diplomatic dismissal by Tehran, as Ankara and Brasilia have been more sympathetic towards Tehran’s efforts. The P5+1 rejected their proposed deal with Iran next year, which was similar to a P5+1 offer at their last meeting in October 2009, because Iran had continued to produce more uranium in the interim.
The group is expected to offer an updated deal that would provide fuel for the Tehran Research Reactor in exchange for Iran shipping uranium abroad for enrichment. The deal is similar to last year’s offer but raises the amount of uranium Iran would have to send over and would demand they halt enriching uranium up to 20 percent.
Clinton said she spoke on Tuesday with EU High Representative Catherine Ashton, who deals with Iran on the group’s behalf, and that the P5+1 spoke at lower levels Wednesday. Clinton said a decision would be reached soon on where and when to hold the meeting. Iran has proposed it take place in late November or early December.
“The location has been discussed, and I believe that High Representative Ashton will be responding to the Iranians about where that should be and on what date,” Clinton said Wednesday, adding that Ashton will determine the specifics.

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22 Hurt in Turkey Suicide Bombing

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(ISTANBUL) -- A suicide bombing that targeted police in Istanbul, Turkey injured 22 people - 12 civilians and 10 police officers - on Sunday. There has been no claim of responsibility.

It happened in Taksim Square, a major tourist attraction and transportation hub.

"Those who threaten Turkey's peace, security and development will not be tolerated," said Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a televised speech.

The city has been targeted in the past by Kurdish separatist militants and al Qaeda.  In recent weeks, Turkish police have arrested several people suspected of supporting al Qaeda in Afghanistan.  Officials say the bomber, who has not been identified, appears to have been male.

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