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Police: Body Parts Mailed to Vancouver Schools Are from Same Victim

Montreal Police(MONTREAL) -- Police in Canada have confirmed that the two body parts mailed to Vancouver schools last week also came from the Chinese student suspected to have been murdered by his lover Luka Magnotta, the Canadian porn actor who allegedly killed him, hacked up his body and mailed pieces around the country.

On Wednesday, Montreal police Commander Ian Lafreniere said that the body parts match those of Jun Lin, whose foot was mailed to the Ottawa headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada on May 29.  Later that day, a package containing a human hand was seized at a post office in Ottawa.

The body parts sent to the Vancouver school were shipped to the Quebec coroner's forensics lab to undergo DNA tests, according to the Montreal Gazette.  A torso identified as that of Lin, a 33-year old Chinese immigrant and student at Concordia University in Montreal, was found stuffed in a suitcase and dumped in the trash in Montreal on May 29.  His head is still missing.

"All the body parts that were found -- the torso in Montreal, the foot and hand in Ottawa, the foot and hand in Vancouver -- are from the same body, that of Mr. Lin," Lafreniere said Wednesday evening.  "We've had official confirmation with the arrival of DNA test results, and we have also validated this though the presence of Mr. Lin's parents in Montreal."

Magnotta, 29, was arrested in Berlin on June 4 on murder charges.  He allegedly filmed himself stabbing Lin to death with an ice pick, chopped the corpse to pieces and mailed them to government offices.  He also allegedly also had sex with some of the body parts.

"The state of the body is so bad.  It was cut.  It was dismembered," Lafreniere said last week.  "This is a very hard case for us in terms of being extremely gross.  We're still missing body parts."

Magnotta, who has no prior criminal history that police are aware of, is currently in Germany awaiting extradition to Canada, where he will face first-degree murder charges.  Extradition is expected before the end of June.

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Tsunami-Ravaged Japanese Fishing Vessel Spotted Near Vancouver

Sankei via Getty Images(VANCOUVER) -- Just over a year ago, a fishing boat was going about its business near Hokkaido, Japan, when an unimaginable disaster struck -- a giant earthquake followed by a horrific tsunami.

This past weekend, that same boat, now nicknamed a "ghost ship," was spotted about 160 miles off the coast of Vancouver.

The 150-foot freighter is the largest piece of debris to have reached the West Coast of North America since the tsunami that devastated a good portion of northeastern Japan.

No one is believed to be on board the fishing boat.  The Japanese government listed its owner as missing.

Canadian authorities don't consider the ship an environmental hazard although it could soon be washed ashore by a major storm.

The boat has also caught the attention of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, which anticipated that much of the millions of tons of tsunami debris wouldn't arrive in the U.S. until before next year.

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Foot Washes Ashore in Canada, the 11th Since 2007

False Creek, with the Vancouver skyline in the background, is the latest location officials say a dismembered foot, complete with running shoe, was found. Liz Whitaker/The Image Bank (VANCOUVER) -- Another human foot has washed ashore in British Columbia, keeping investigators on their toes in the case of 11 mysterious feet in running shoes that have appeared on area beaches since 2007.

Eight feet have washed up around Vancouver and three feet have come ashore in nearby Washington State since 2007, according to Stephen Fonseca of the British Columbia Coroners Service. None of the cases have been deemed suspicious.

Fonseca said that human remains can come apart naturally in a water environment, and with the high amount of marine activity, beaches, and people involved in accidents in the water, it's likely that these are all unrelated cases. He also noted that there are many bridges over waterways in the area, and distraught people who may have jumped could also be a cause for the body parts washing up on shore.

"Running shoes of today are more buoyant," he said, "and it's a very rational explanation that when the feet do disarticulate, through marine scavenging and decomposition, the shoe will bring the foot back up to the surface and it will float there until it reaches shoreline."

The Coroners Service will try to build a profile of the person to whom the foot belonged through DNA testing as well as spatial and temporal profiles based on where and when the shoe arrived, how old the foot is, and when the running shoe was made, he said.

"When dealing with feet, we don't have the luxury of building up a very comprehensive profile, with blue eyes and blond hair. A 16-year-old could have the same size shoe as a 65-year-old," he said.

Fonseca and other coroners would be going over the foot to ensure that it was a human remain, and then would begin compiling information on what they called its "donor." The process could take weeks or months, at which time the data would be compared to missing persons lists, he said.

This foot was found in an inlet near False Creek, a protected body of water, he said, while other feet were found on beaches and nearby islands. He hoped the location of this foot would be helpful to determining its origin.

The investigators are still working to identify the donors of other feet, including a female who had two feet wash up on shore, and a male who had one foot wash up on shore.

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Photo: Kissing Couple at Vancouver Riots Goes Viral

Rich Lam/Getty Images(VANCOUVER, British Columbia) -- Just who were those two young lovers? And how did they get caught up in such a kiss, right there in the middle of the riots in Vancouver, British Columbia? There was anger and violence all around them -- the Vancouver Canucks had just lost to the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of hockey's Stanley Cup finals.

The picture of them, by Vancouver freelance photographer Richard Lam, has gone viral on the Web. One headline called it "love among the ruins." Even the young man's father put up a Facebook post: "Hows that for making love not war!"

But they now say the story is not what people thought.

The lovers were identified as Scott Jones of Perth, Australia, and Alex Thomas, a recent graduate of the University of Guelph in Ontario.

"The riot police ran on top of us," said Jones in a telephone interview with ABC News. "They ran us over.

"We were knocked over, and I was just trying to calm her down, because as I'm sure you can imagine, she was somewhat distraught."

Jones said he remembered kissing Thomas, and was completely surprised by the photograph.

Brett Jones, Scott's father in Australia, said the couple was not hurt. "Alex is a little sore on the leg, but otherwise okay," he said.

Scott's mother, Megan Jones, was interviewed by Australia's Channel 9. "I knew it was him because he doesn't have a lot of clothes with him and he always puts on the same thing."

At the time of the interview, she had not reached Scott yet, and said she thought her son had been photographed in an amorous moment. "It is something he would do, that's our boy," she said. "He has always lived in his own world, he's special like that. He doesn't always connect with what going on around him."

Lam, the photographer, said he didn't think about the picture because there was such violence around him. Almost 150 people required hospital treatment and close to 100 were arrested in the riots that followed Wednesday night's game.

Police struggled to contain the crowd with tear gas as fires erupted in busy downtown intersections. Storefronts were smashed by looters grabbing everything in sight.

The city's mayor, Gregor Robertson, described the rioting hockey fans as "hooligans."

Meanwhile, the photograph of the young couple has spread worldwide -- even though the family now says Scott Jones was just trying to comfort Alex Thomas.

"He was certainly trying to look after her," said Brett Jones.

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Riots Erupt in Vancouver After Boston Bruins Win Stanley Cup

Elsa/Getty Images(VANCOUVER, British Columbia) -- Fans of the Boston Bruins took to their city streets Wednesday night to celebrate their team’s 4-0 victory in game seven of the NHL final to capture the Stanley Cup.

But in Vancouver, it was a different scene.  Fans of the losing Vancouver Canucks took to the streets in disappointment, overturning cars and even setting some of them on fire.

Riot police were also confronted in downtown Vancouver by crowds of people chanting obscenities, throwing beer bottles, lighting bonfires and tossing firecrackers.

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