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Egypt’s Vice President Mahmoud Mekki Resigns

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(CAIRO) -- Egypt's state TV says Vice President Mahmoud Mekki has resigned.

The announcement was made when there was more than five hours to go of voting in the second and final phase of a referendum on a disputed, Islamist-backed 'constitution.'

Mekki, a career judge, had said in the past, he hoped to quit once the charter was formally 'adopted.' The new constitution eliminates the vice presidential post.

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Iraqi Sunni Vice President Accused of Ordering Assassinations

ALI AL-SAADI/AFP/Getty Images(BAGHDAD) -- Post-U.S. occupied Iraq is already undergoing its first major governmental crisis.

Sunni Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi is facing an arrest warrant after being charged with overseeing a death squad that has allegedly assassinated government and security officials.

The Shiite leaders of Iraq said the accusations against al-Hashimi are based on the confessions of three men claiming to have worked for the vice president as bodyguards.

Their "confessions" broadcast on state-run TV allege they both planted and set off bombs in public squares as well as firing on convoys carrying Shiite officials.

One of the men claiming to work for al-Hashimi said he personally received $3,000 from his boss after carrying out an assassination.

Al-Hashimi's office has denied all the charges despite acknowledging that the men worked for him.

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Exclusive: Suleiman Says 'Egypt Will Not Be Anything Like Tunisia'


(CAIRO) -- In his first interview since becoming Egypt's newly-appointed vice president, Omar Suleiman agreed to sit down with me at the Presidential Palace Thursday.  I did so just after speaking with President Mubarak.

Until now, Sulieman had not agreed to do any interviews.  On Thursday, he went on Egyptian state television and then sat down with for an exclusive interview with me -- the first interview he has agreed to do with foreign media.

I asked Suleiman for his take on the conversation he had with the Obama administration about Mubarak's resignation.

"My telephone call with Clinton," he said.  "We discussed this issue but she didn't ask that President Mubarak step down now.  But I told her it was a process, and at the end of it, President Mubarak will leave."

Suleiman added that he would also not seek re-election as well.

Last week, in Tunisia, crowds staging similar protests ultimately caused the longtime leader of that country to flee with his family.  Vice President Suleiman vowed that this is not what will happen here.  Sulieman said Mubarak has no intention of leaving his country.

"No, Egypt will not be anything like Tunisia," he said.  "This is different.  You know that our president is a fighter.  He lived on this soil and he will die on this soil."

I asked Suleiman if Egypt, a country that has had very strong relations with Israel, would remain a strong ally of Israel, and uphold their peace agreement.

"Yes we will have a peace agreement," he said.  "We will keep it firmly and not violate it at all."

When I asked him about the pro-Mubarak mob that had attacked the anti-government demonstrators, he echoed what President Mubarak has said to me.

"It's a bad thing to see and we've never had this before," he said.  "Emotionally they went to the streets to express their feelings to our president.  And we don't know why they went to Tahrir Square."

Suleiman also denied that no one, protesters or otherwise, had been killed by "rifles or snipers."  He defended Mubarak's supporters.

"The pro-Mubarak group behaved very well," he said.  "Yes, we have to apologize to the young people.  But at the same time, we have to know exactly who is behind that."

But again, Suleiman repeated what Egyptian army officials said on State TV a few days ago, that the government will not use their army against its own people, even in heated moments.

"We will not use any violence against them," he said.  "We will ask them to go home but we will not push them to go home."

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