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Iran Launches War Games Against 'Hypothetical Sensitive Sites'

EBRAHIM NOROOZI/AFP/Getty Images (file photo)(TEHRAN, Iran) -- Iran went through a series of war games Monday to test their readiness to deal with an air assault.

The reportedly massive exercise was meant to prove that Tehran can retaliate against "hypothetical sensitive sites" should it come under attack.

There has been talk over the past year of Israel possibly launching a preemptive military strike to knock out Iran's rogue nuclear program.  The U.S. says that while all options are on the table to prevent Tehran from obtaining a nuclear bomb, it would prefer to force Iran's hand through tough diplomatic and economic sanctions.

Meanwhile, the war games that took place Monday were apparently scheduled before Iranian fighter jets took some pot shots at a U.S. predator drone the Pentagon says was flying in international air space.

The Iranians claim their surface-to-air system mirrors the U.S. Hawk system and can lock on to an object 50 miles away and knock it out of the air from a distance of 30 miles.

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