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US Warships Deployed to Libyan Coast in Wake of Consulate Attack

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Billy Ho/Released(NEW YORK) -- With U.S. missions in potential hot spots on high alert after the attacks on the embassies in Cairo and Benghazi, Libya, President Obama ordered the deployment Wednesday of two destroyers to the region.

The USS Laboon is already off the coast of Libya while the USS McFaul should arrive in the next few days.

Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens became the first American envoy killed in the past 33 years along with three other countrymen after terrorists stormed the poorly-fortified consulate in Benghazi on Tuesday.

While the war ships don't have a specific assignment, they're expected to be at the beck and call of the U.S. if needed to protect national interests in Libya and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, an elite squad of 50 Marines is also headed to Tripoli, Libya, to secure American facilities.

There are also reports that the U.S. might fly unmanned drones over eastern Libya to search for jihadist camps where the consulate attackers might be hiding out.  These aircraft were used in 2011 when a no-fly zone was established over Libya during the revolt against then-dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

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Somali Pirates Attack Spanish Warship and Lose

George Doyle/Thinkstock(MOGADISHU, Somali) -- Somali pirates may be terrorizing the waters off of East Africa, but maybe they should pick their targets a little more carefully and stop targeting European warships.

Earlier Thursday, some Somali pirates got a little too greedy and attacked the Spanish warship serving as the flagship for the European Union’s fleet of ships carrying out a counter-piracy mission off of Somalia.   

Needless to say, it wasn’t a fair fight.

At first light Thursday, the Spanish warship ESPS Patino had just completed escorting a ship carrying food aid into the Somali capital of Mogadishu.  In addition to a counter-piracy effort, the EU’s main mission is to escort freighters carrying food from the World Food Programme.  

That’s when a skiff carrying six pirates sped towards the warship and the pirates began to fire their light-caliber weapons at the ship in an attempt to board it.

The Patino’s crew immediately began to fire back in self-defense and launched the ship’s helicopter.

The pirates realized they were outgunned and broke away from the attack, but eventually surrendered to the helicopter -- but only after first throwing their weapons, ladder and fuel barrels overboard.

Somali pirates often dump their weapons into the ocean in an attempt to avoid detention.

Five of the pirates were injured and two required medical treatment on board the Patino. The crew of the Spanish warship is also looking into the pirates’ claim that another pirate was lost overboard during the attack.  

Taking on a warship might sound like a unique event but, amazingly, this isn’t the first time that Somali pirates have taken on a warship.  

In October 2009, a group of pirates attempted to take on the French warship BCR Somme about 250 miles off the coast of Somalia.

They met a similar fate to the pirates involved in Thursday’s incident and were detained after their unsuccessful attack.

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Iran Warships Cross Suez Canal

Photo Courtesy - US State Dept.(JERUSALEM) -- Israel's navy is continuing to closely monitor two Iranian warships bound for Syria that crossed the Suez Canal Tuesday for the first time in 30 years. 

Israel sees the Iranian move as a provocation and an attempt to expand its influence amid all the political turmoil in the Middle East.  Now there are concerns in Israel that Iran is using the ships to smuggle arms in violation of U.N. sanctions.  

A report in the Israeli paper Ma' ariv claims a weapons shipment has been stashed on the two Iranian warships heading to Syria meant for the militant Islamic group Hezbolllah.  Relying on unnamed Israeli military sources, the report says rockets of various ranges, rifles and ammunition are on board.

Officials at Israel's Defense Ministry are not commenting on the report. Less than two years ago, Israel discovered 500 tons of weapons hidden in an Iranian shipment on a German freighter bound for Syria.

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