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Mayoral Candidate Banned from Ballot for Using Porn in Campaign

@MiradHadziahmet/Twitter(ZENICA, Bosnia) -- A candidate for mayor in a Bosnian city was thrown off the ballot Friday for spicing up his campaign by including porn on his website.

Mirad Hadziahmetovic vowed to appeal the ruling.

"The electoral commission ordered I remove adult (R-rated clips) within three hours, so I did it," Hadziahmetovic told ABC News. "I will appeal tomorrow. We will know the outcome by Wednesday or Thursday."

He also considers his unorthodox tactic a success.

"I made a name for myself with this provocative campaign and now people do know about my mayoral program," he said.

Hadziahmetovic, 43, an independent mayoral candidate in the Muslim dominated town of Zenica in central Bosnia, uploaded several porn clips to his official website in hopes of bringing in some traffic.

Visitors to Hadziahmetovic's site were asked to answer a few questions about Zenica's economy and public policies and verify their age. One example: "What is more important for Zenica, job creation or increasing the municipal budget through taxes?"

After answering Hadziahmetovic's questions, they could then open the erotica. And following every explicit clip, Hadziahmetovic appeared on camera saying, "If you liked this clip, vote for me."

Hadziahmetovic's site crashed under the traffic generated by thousands of eager viewers when it first went live last week, although it's not clear whether the enthusiastic response was an endorsement of his municipal policies.

But Bosnia's electoral commission did not like it and banned his candidacy saying in a statement Friday that he "violated Bosnia's electoral law by publishing pornographic photos and video clips during the electoral campaign."

Hadziahmetovic, who was born a Muslim but says he is an atheist, is a businessman and a rookie politician. He told ABC News that his tactic was meant to be "provocative."

"I guess people like it," he said shortly before the electoral commission made its ruling, adding that because of his web site "electoral participation would go up greatly."

Lustful advertising was not the only unorthodox ingredient in his campaign. His political slogans were unconventional, particularly for this overwhelmingly Muslim city with a reputation of one of the most religious places in Bosnia. "Tehran or Hollywood?" one ad asks, adding, "The choice is yours! "

Zenica is the fifth largest city in Bosnia with a population of more than 90,000 people. The election will take place on Oct. 7.

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Visit the First-Ever Website as It Celebrates Its 21st Birthday

The computer that started it all. CERN(NEW YORK) -- Twenty-one years ago Monday the first website was published. It looked very simple -- basic text, with some words oddly highlighted.

[Visit the First-Ever Website HERE.]

On Aug. 6, 1991, Tim Berners-Lee, who is widely credited with inventing the World Wide Web, published that site from CERN, the world’s largest physics lab in Geneva, Switzerland. He used a NeXT computer to create the page.

The page explained the World Wide Web or W3 as a, “wide-area hypermedia information retrieval initiative aiming to give universal access to a large universe of documents.” The first page has been preserved and republished by CERN, and according to ZDNet, the first web server is still powered on at the lab with a sign warning, “This machine is a server. DO NOT POWER DOWN!”

About a year after that website was published, in July 1992, the first photo was posted on the Web. It was of a comedian musical group.

Berners-Lee was honored during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.

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World Food Programme Launches Website to End World Hunger

Jupiterimages/Pixland (NEW YORK) -- When you were a kid, did you ever sit down for a family meal that ended with a half-full plate and your mom saying, "Finish your broccoli, there's starving kids in Africa?" Maybe you rebelliously answered, "Why don't you send them my broccoli then?"

Believe it or not, now you can.

With the new website, launched by the United Nations World Food Programme, you can donate the price of your dinner to school programs around the world.

In 1961, the World Food Programme began providing food to communities during and after emergencies. Fifty years later, they aim to reach more than 90 million people with food assistance in more than 70 countries -- this year alone.

WeFeedBack allows people to estimate the cost of their nightly dinner -- whether it's broccoli, sushi, or spaghetti and meatballs -- and donate the equivalent to school programs around the world for children in need. Putting a 50-cent serving of "broccoli" into the website's calculator, WeFeedBack lets you know that two children can eat for that price. That's bang for your buck.

School meals are a game changer in the fight against hunger. By nourishing the bodies and minds of children in poor countries during school hours, we are making an investment in the next generation: the meals encourage parents to send kids to school and help them concentrate on their lessons while they work.

The platform will soon be available as an app on iPhone, Facebook, Windows phone 7 and the Bing Map app.

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Royal Wedding Website Launches

Photo Courtesy - Official Royal Wedding 2011 [dot] org (LONDON) -- Those who want to stay on top of the latest news of Prince William and Kate Middleton can now turn to a new website.

An official site for the royal wedding launched Wednesday morning, promising regular updates as the couple's April 29 nuptials approach.  St. James's Palace said photos, links, and videos of William and Kate will be posted on the website, as well as some of the most coveted details, such as specifics on the bride's dress.

Visit to learn more.

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WikiLeaks Continues Fight to Stay Online

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Photo Courtesy - LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The controversial website WikiLeaks is in a fight to stay online.

The site has been dropped by its main server in France, at least temporarily preventing many people from accessing its trove of secret U.S. government documents.

It has also lost a major source of funding. The online payment service PayPal has shut down WikiLeaks’ account on the site, saying that the website is engaged in illegal activity.

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