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Prince William, Catherine Middleton Kiss on Balcony as World Watches

Chris Jackson/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Royal newlyweds Prince William and Catherine Middleton sealed their royal wedding with two kisses on the balcony of Buckingham Palace as their family and cheering British subjects looked on.

Stepping out onto the balcony, the couple was flanked by the wedding party, the royal family -- including Queen Elizabeth II -- Prince Charles and the bride's family.

With hundreds of thousands gathered below them and millions watching expectantly on TV, the prince kissed his bride quickly.  The crowd cheered and began chanting, "Kiss her again."  The royal couple obliged with a second peck on the lips.

William and Middleton looked up into the London sky as the Royal Air Force performed a flyover congratulating the couple.  William is a member of the Royal Air Force.

The bells of Westminster Abbey serenaded London.  They started ringing when the newly-married Catherine Middleton and Prince William rode triumphantly in an open carriage waving to the cheering throngs.

William reportedly told Middleton in the carriage, "I'm so happy," according to a lip reader.

As the couple exited the abbey following their wedding in front of 1,900 guests, the bride curtsied to Queen Elizabeth and William bowed.

Earlier, Prince William and Catherine Middleton, holding each other's hands and gazing into one another's eyes, exchanged wedding vows, turning the commoner bride into royalty and thrilling royal watchers around the world.  William, 28, slipped a wedding band made of Welsh gold on the finger of the 29-year-old Middleton.

Unlike most wedding ceremonies in the United States where the bride and groom kiss at the altar, royal newlyweds abstain from kissing during the service.  Even outside the church, the kiss has long been viewed as an intimate and private moment until Prince William's parents, Charles and Diana, broke with tradition and spontaneously pecked on the balcony following their nuptials almost 30 years ago.

After their balcony appearance, William and Middleton will attend a brief reception, hosted by the queen.  They will dance and celebrate Friday night, and will spend their first night as a married couple at Buckingham Palace.

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Prince William, Kate Middleton Exchange Vows

Dominic Lipinski - WPA Pool/Getty Images(LONDON) -- A veiled Kate Middleton holding onto her father, smiled as she walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey to wed Prince William, the heir to the British throne.

Prince William told Middleton, "You look beautiful" when she arrived at the altar of the church.  They exchanged smiles and William leaned over and winked at his father-in-law, Michael Middleton.

The wedding watched by 1,900 guests in the Abbey and over two billion people worldwide thrilled the people of Britain.  Crowds of at least 600,000 lined the streets to watch the wedding, which is a national holiday.  They happily waved a sea of Union Jacks and wore masks of the royal couple.

The new Duchess of Cambridge wore a veil with her arms and shoulders covered in lace as she made her vows that turned the commoner bride into royalty.

Prince William, who arrived at Westminster Abbey with his brother Prince Harry, wore the crimson uniform of the Irish Guards with a blue sash.  The sash represents the order of the garter, the most senior and the oldest British Order of Chivalry.  It was founded in 1348.

Pippa Middleton, Kate's sister, greeted her at the door of the Abbey.  She tended to Middleton's wedding dress, designed by Sarah Burton, a student of late British designer Alexander McQueen.

Middleton's limousine was the final step in a carefully choreographed procession of celebrities, dignitaries and royalty to the historic church for the wedding to Prince William, the future king of Britain.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, the grandmother and father of groom Prince William, arrived at Westminster Abbey just moments before Middleton.  Queen Elizabeth, wearing a bright yellow suit and hat, waved to the crowds as she and Prince Philip arrived to the site of the wedding.

The crowds of royal gawkers who turned out for the spectacle were jubilant, but at least 10 people have been arrested, Scotland Yard reported and an abandoned car was found at the intersection of Grosvenor Gardens and Buckingham Palace Road, the BBC reported.

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Thousands Gather in Central London for Royal Wedding

Oli Scarff/Getty Images(LONDON) -- The day has finally arrived.  People have flocked from all over the world to the streets of London for the royal wedding.

The first of the 1,900 invited guests will begin arriving Friday after 3:15 a.m. EST, but there are already thousands of eager royal wedding watchers lining the streets.

Thousands of people have camped out overnight on the procession route, and there is also the specially constructed Camp Royale in Clapham Common.

More than 1,500 soldiers, sailors and air crew will be on duty to line the couple's procession route between Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, just under a mile away.

Also, an additional 5,000 uniformed and undercover police have been called in to be on alert for threats from Irish dissident terrorists, Muslim extremists, anti-monarchists, royal obsessives and anyone who may simply be drunk or disorderly. 

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Queen Elizabeth Attends Maundy Thursday Service on 85th Birthday

Comstock/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- As part of her 85th birthday, Britain's Queen Elizabeth is carrying out an age-old tradition Thursday at Westminster Abbey -- the setting of her grandson's royal wedding next week.

The Maundy Thursday service dates back to the Middle Ages, and involves the monarch of the day handing out freshly minted coins to deserving elderly recipients.

The ceremony is being seen by many in England as a chance to iron out any technical issues ahead of the high-profile wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton next Friday, April 29.

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Palace Announces Royal Wedding Schedule

Niall Carson - WPA Pool / Getty Images(LONDON) -- As the royal wedding day creeps closer, more details on how the events of the day will take place are coming into focus. The following wedding day timings were confirmed by the Palace on Friday.

Beginning at 8:15 a.m., London time (3:15 a.m. in the Eastern United States), general guests will start showing up at Westminster Abbey.

Guaranteed to make it to the church on time, Groom Prince William and his Best Man, Prince Harry, will depart Clarence House at 10:10 a.m. Their drive to the Abbey will only take five minutes. Members of foreign royal families will arrive at the church at 10:20 a.m.

Also at 10:20 a.m., Mother of the Bride, Carole Middleton, and James Middleton, brother of the bride, will depart the Goring Hotel, where Catherine Middleton will also be staying.

At 10:40 a.m., the members of the royal family will begin to pour in.

Prince Charles and William's stepmother, Camilla, arrive at 10:42 a.m. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are the last guests to arrive at Westminster Abbey, at 10:45 a.m.

All of Kate's bridesmaids and William's pageboys will gather at the Goring Hotel to depart at 10:48 a.m. The wedding party will arrive at the church five minutes before the ceremony is to begin.

At 10:51 a.m., Catherine Middleton, accompanied by her father, will depart the Goring Hotel in a Rolls Royce and make her way to Westminster Abbey.

The ceremony, which will start at 11 a.m., is to last just over an hour and will include vows and a sermon delivered by the Bishop of London, private clergyman to the queen. The bells of Westminster Abbey will ring as Prince William and his new wife depart the church.

At 12:15 p.m., the Prince and the new Princess Catherine will go from the church to Buckingham Palace. The carriage carrying the bride and groom will be followed by the Queen's carriage and members of the Household Cavalry. Once the royal couple arrives at Buckingham Palace at 12:30 p.m., they will pose for their official wedding photos.

At 1:25 p.m., the married couple will reappear on the balcony at Buckingham Palace with the Queen and their families for 10 minutes. The Royal Air Force, where Prince William serves as a search-and-rescue pilot, will perform a flyover at 1:30 p.m.

Next, Prince William and Kate will head inside Buckingham Palace to the afternoon reception hosted by the Queen. After that, husband and wife will drive to St. James Palace for some down time.

The 7 p.m. party should be private. No pictures from the event are expected to be released. Speeches, including the one given by the Best Man, Prince Harry, will be delivered at this reception. This is the one moment of Prince William and Kate's day that is not planned to the second. The palace says the party will "finish when it finishes."

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Kate Middleton Spotted at Westminster Abbey

Chris Jackson/Getty Images(LONDON) -– Just two weeks until the royal wedding and Kate Middleton is hoping that practice makes perfect.

Palace officials confirmed that the bride-to-be was at Westminster Abbey for a wedding rehearsal on Friday with her soon to be brother-in-law and the ceremony's best man, Prince Harry. All of the bridesmaids and page boys were also in attendance.

But where was the groom? Prince William, who serves as a search and rescue pilot for the Royal Air Force, was at work. His office said he did not attend because he was in Wales during the royal rehearsal tending to his RAF duties.

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Royal Wedding Ceremony Coming to iTunes

Apple(LONDON) -- Coming soon to an iTunes near you...the royal wedding ceremony.

That's right, for those who can't wait and for the first time in history, the entire royal wedding ceremony will be released digitally within hours to online outlets like iTunes and Decca Records is behind the deal.

From the vows, to the readings, to the Central Royal Air Force Band, it should all be there. And of course, The Westminster Abbey Choir will perform too.

Every note, every nuance will be captured on the special recording. And for those willing to wait just a bit longer, a CD verison will roll out in stores one week later.

The album's being produced by Anna Barry, who says it'll be a great honor and enormous responsibility.

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Royal Wedding: Dinner Dance Details Revealed

Chris Jackson/Getty Images(LONDON) -- More details have surfaced regarding the post-royal wedding dinner dance.

After walking down the aisle at Westminster Abbey before 1,900 guests, the pageantry broadcast worldwide for millions of viewers April 29, William and Kate will let loose and boogie down to a 1980s-themed reception with close family and friends, London newspaper The Sun reports.

Special requests for '80s-tastic jams include hits from Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran and Culture Club. Princess Diana was a known admirer of Abba, and Kate has followed her lead by requesting the Swedish band's classic wedding-reception dance staples.

Prince Harry will set the tone for the party with his best man speech. Though the boys are incredibly close, Prince Harry plans to goad his big brother a bit. Harry has nearly completed his flight training on Apache gunships, a much faster plane than the Sea King search-and-rescue helicopter William co-pilots. Planning to use this difference in their military aviation careers, Harry will compare the brothers to the fable of the tortoise and the hare.

The next morning, the newlyweds will depart on a two-week honeymoon. But not before a night spent laughing, dancing and celebrating their love at the £75,000 ($88,000) bash thrown by Prince Charles.

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William and Kate: The Guest List, Protocol and Dress

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(LONDON) -- Details of the April royal wedding have trickled out as Kate and William's big day draws nearer. But until the guest list is confirmed, speculation will abound about who has made the cut. One member of the royal family who has been coy about her chances of receiving a wedding invitation is William's aunt, Sarah Ferguson. In an interview with Canadian TV channel CBC News, the Duchess of York refused to confirm whether she will be attending.

Ferguson is the ex-wife of Prince Andrew and mother of the princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. Fergie, as she is known, is no stranger to controversy. She caused great embarrassment to the royal family in May after being caught on camera taking an $800,000 bribe in exchange for attempting to broker a meeting with Andrew, who's the younger brother of William's father, Prince Charles.

Ferguson's marriage into the royal family in July 1986 also took place in Westminster Abbey, the same venue chosen by William and Kate Middleton: "It's wonderful to just see great love," Ferguson told CBC. "I remember those days of Andrew and I, you know, and getting married at Westminster Abbey."

For the 600 guests who are invited to attend the ceremony, there will be strict protocol to follow.

"The bride's relatives will be on the left and the groom's on the right as you walk in," Judy Wade, royal correspondent for Hello magazine, said. "The more senior you are, the later you arrive. The Queen will arrive just before Kate."

Middleton is expected to travel by car rather than the traditional carriage, but speculation is still rife about what the bride will wear.

On recent occasions, she has chosen a mixture of items from the high end, as well as from mid-range designers such as Issa London, who made the blue dress she wore when the couple announced their engagement. The dress sold out in a day and has inspired several replicas. But stores, brands and designers be warned because a decree has gone out from the palace -- sell or market anything under the Kate Middleton name and you'll be facing a royal lawsuit.

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More Details on Royal Wedding Revealed

Photo Courtesy - Chris Jackson/Getty Images(LONDON) -- More details regarding the upcoming high-profile royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton were released by Buckingham Palace Wednesday.

According to the announcement, Kate Middleton will arrive at Westminster Abbey for the wedding service -- set to begin 11 a.m. on April 29, 2011 -- by car.  The Archbishop of Canterbury will preside over the ceremony and marry the couple.

Once wed, the couple will depart to Buckingham Palace in a horse-drawn carriage, where the queen will give a reception for them.  The evening will end with a dinner-and-dance thrown by the Prince of Wales.

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