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Rhinos Socialize After Dark? Wildlife Series Reveals Rare Images

Comstock/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- Nocturnal gatherings of black rhinos have been captured for Sir David Attenborough’s latest BBC wildlife series, Africa, marking the first time such interactions between black rhinos have ever been documented.

Wildlife researchers used a special camera system that relied on the light from stars to capture images of black rhinos gathering in groups, playing together, rubbing noses and communicating using a range of sounds from squeaks to bellows and grunts.

Rhinos have a reputation for being solitary, grumpy creatures. The footage, however, suggested that under the right circumstances, they can become playful and friendly with one another.

Poaching has increased dramatically over the last few years and, today, there are roughly 5,000 black rhinos, mainly in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Namibia.  The World Wildlife Foundation estimated that 50 years ago, there were 70,000.

Africa, which premiered on the Discovery Channel Tuesday, is a seven-part series that producers say brings to life the African continent with imagery that has never been seen before.


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Chinese Workers Accused of Eating Zimbabwe's Endangered Wildlife

Hemera/Th​inkstock(HARARE, Zimbabwe) -- Adding to an economy in crisis, Zimbabwe now faces a reduction in its prized wildlife after reports surfaced of Chinese workers killing and eating endangered species.

Chinese companies have increased in the past five years in Zimbabwe and with them an influx of workers. Some of these workers have been accused of buying, killing and eating animals that are expensive fare in their native China, but can be acquired cheaply or at no cost in the southern African nation, according to a report by the Global Post.  

The paper also reports that recently four Chinese workers were fined $300 each and deported after officials found shells of the endangered Bell’s Hinged tortoises in their residence. Pythons, leopards and even local village dogs have been disappearing at an alarming rate in some areas and have become a concern for the Zimbabwe National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ZNSPCA).

ZNSPCA tells the Post that the poaching of animals is an issue in the country and with the cash-strapped organization unable to tackle the many cases, they are planning to meet with the Chinese Embassy to discuss what can be done about the poaching.

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