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Third Iranian Detained in Connection to Bangkok Explosions

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(BANGKOK) -- Two Iranian men were caught in Bangkok on Tuesday after a series of explosions rattled a residential area there.  And now, another suspect has been detained.

According to officials, a third Iranian who had fled to neighboring Malaysia was caught on Wednesday.  Thai police say the Iranians were probably planning to attack individuals, rather than buildings or crowds.  A senior Thai intelligence official, speaking anonymously to global news agency AFP, said the men were preparing to target Israeli diplomats.

Israel has also linked the Iranians to recent attacks against Israeli diplomatic staff in India and the country of Georgia.  Iran, however, denies any involvement.

On Tuesday, an apparently accidental explosion tore through a home where the Iranians were living.  Two men were caught in the aftermath, and another reportedly tried to lob a grenade at police, but it exploded nearby, severing his legs.

Police searched the men's home and say they found C-4 explosives that could be attached to vehicles.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok issued a warning to Americans to be alert in public and to watch out for unattended packages or bags.

A U.S. Embassy spokesperson told ABC News that the U.S. condemns the attack in Bangkok, but could not speculate on any possible connections to the attacks in India or Georgia.

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