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US Gains Access to Three American Students Detained in Cairo

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- The U.S. State Department has received consular access to the three American students detained in Cairo, but won’t confirm their identities due to Privacy Act concerns. There was no immediate word on their conditions.

“Our officials in Cairo do remain in close contact with Egyptian authorities regarding their cases. We're also in close contact with the families of the three detained U.S. citizens,” spokesman Mark Toner said.

“Our concern right there -- right now is to provide them with necessary consular support as well as act as an intermediary between the families and the -- and the Egyptian authorities,” he said.

Toner confirmed that no charges have yet been filed.

The three U.S. exchange students at American University in Cairo are reportedly accused of tossing firebombs from the roof of a campus building overlooking Tahrir square during a rally.

A spokesperson for American University in Cairo told ABC News Radio on Tuesday that the students being detained were Georgetown University student Derrik Sweeney; Drexel University student Gregory Porter, of Glenside, Pa.; and Indiana University student Luke Gates, of Bloomingdale, Ind.

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