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US Scrubbed Military Raid to Snatch Benghazi Suspect in Libya

STR/AFP/GettyImages(WASHINGTON) -- A U.S. official confirms that the U.S. military scrubbed plans to “snatch” Ahmed Abu Khattallah, a militia leader in Benghazi who is believed to have helped in the planning for the attack on the U.S. consulate that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens.
The planned snatch in Benghazi was to have taken place either 48 hours or a week from the October raid that successfully nabbed Abu Anas al Libi in Tripoli.
The official says that the mission was scrubbed because of political fallout within Libya due to the al Libi raid as well as for logistical reasons.
However, the official does not know if the mission had actually been approved when it was called off. CNN has been reporting that the raid was scrubbed hours before the mission was to have been launched. However, this official says any such mission was at least 48 hours away.
Another U.S. official confirms that Khattallah was to be the target of a future military operation, though he did not know the timing.

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