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Woman Who Wears Size Zero Gets Liposuction for ‘Pudgy Stomach’

ABC NewsMegan O’Brien is thin, petite and works out regularly -- but the 38-year-old Los Angeles woman says she has always had one problem area: her belly.

"When I would get my nails done or go to pick up my dry cleaning, they would all congratulate me on my baby, which is fine, but I am not pregnant," O'Brien, a size zero, told ABC News.

"I wanted to get rid of my stomach," the beauty blogger said.

O’Brien even gave her tummy a name: Gus. When strict diet and exercise failed, O’Brien sought liposuction.

"I'm a size zero and I got liposuction," O'Brien said. "When I said to people, 'I am going to have liposuction,' they would look at me and say, 'Oh, so you can be a 00? What are you talking about? Why are you going to have liposuction?'"

O’Brien wrote about her experience for Harper’s Bazaar magazine in an article titled “I'm a Size Zero and I Got Liposuction: Confessions of a Skinny-Fat Woman,” noting that her doctor, Dr. Marc Mani, initially told her to exercise and return to see him if working out had no effect on her stomach.

Once O'Brien decided to undergo the procedure, she did not hide her beauty secret. Instead, she announced her decision to undergo the procedure with a movie trailer-style video titled “My Plastic Surgery Liposuction Adventure.”

While some friends scoffed when they learned of her plans, it turns out that O’Brien was actually the perfect candidate for the procedure.

“Liposuction is not for weight loss. It's for spot reduction. That's just what she needed,” Dr. Scot Glasberg of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons told ABC News.

O’Brien, who blogs about makeup, said liposuction “just made sense” to her.”

"For the people who are being really negative about it, it is my body. It is my life. What do they care?," O'Brien said. "If they are so upset about my liposuction, then don't have it."

Photos of O’Brien after the procedure show her with a far flatter stomach than she’s had before. The doctor took her extra fat and filled out her cheeks, even sculpting her chin as a bonus.

"I feel better about swimsuit season. I feel better about shopping," O'Brien said. "I feel more confident in clothes."

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