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Your Body: How to Deal with Physical Changes in Your Relationship

By DR. JENNIFER ASHTON, ABC News Senior Medical Contributor

How do you keep the fire alive in your relationship? Part of that is visual appeal, right?

You might look at your man and see nose hair, ear hair and neck hair. And men, maybe you’re looking at your wife and saying, "Where is the gravity going?"

Some of this is normal, but it doesn’t mean you need to embrace it all.

If you’re a fly on the wall in my household, you’ve heard me say to my husband: "Honey, you have some hairs there and I think we need to address them -- together."

Communication is key.

When you think about how you’ve changed over the years, remember that part of the intimacy of being a couple is going through those changes -- together.

So rather than hold yourself to some ridiculous ideal beauty standard, just embrace the changes together.

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