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Perspective Podcast - August 31, 2012

In this edition of Perspective...

Must Love Mitt
Ann Romney came to the Republican National Convention this week with a mission... to humanize her husband.  And New Jersey Governor Chris Christie threw his considerable political weight into the mix with a speech that fired up the delegates.  Right now Mitt Romney remains a vague and unappealing candidate to many voters according to the latest ABC News/ Washington Post poll.  It shows Mitt Romney has the lowest personal popularity of any presidential candidate in decades... forty percent of registered voters see Romney favorably overall, while 51 percent rate him unfavorably - that's worse than Michael Dukakis, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter.  So the stakes were very high as Ann Romney took the stage Tuesday night, as ABC's Terry Moran reports.

X-Man: Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney's 42 year-old running mate.  And when he took the stage Wednesday night it was a moment of pride for some in the "Lolla-Palooza" generation.  ABC's David Wright tells us why.

Tea Time At The RNC
Wednesday evening at the Republican National Convention brought quite a buzz to the hall because many of the delegates there believe they saw and heard the future of their party...  and they hope the country.  Paul Ryan, the 42 year-old congressman from Jamesville, Wisconsin, darling of the Tea Party conservatives and Mitt Romney's choice for Vice President, gave a speech that wowed the crowd.  It may have been Mitt Romney's convention, but for one night it felt like Paul Ryan's *party."  Once again, ABC's Terry Moran.

A New Kind Of Republican?
Mia Love spoke for only two minutes Tuesday night at the RNC.  Her time slot was early on, when most delegates are still milling around the hall and not paying much attention.  But she managed to do what many of the later, bigger name speakers failed to do: energize the hall and bring the delegates to their feet.  That's why there's a lot of talk about Mia Love following the convention.  She is the African American - and Mormon - Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah.  And she has a good shot of becoming the first black woman Republican elected to Congress if she can beat Utah Democrat Jim Matheson.  ABC News' Senior Political Correspondent Jonathan Karl introduces us to Mia Love.

Mitt's Moment
It was Mitt Romney's week and Thursday was the biggest night of his political life.  He took center stage at the Republican National Convention and he gave the speech that everyone had been waiting for... not just for the people at the convention, but voters across the country.  He tried to make the case why voters should fire Barack Obama and put him, Mitt Romney, in the White House.  What was said on that stage will go a long way to defining Mitt Romney for voters and defining his campaign for the White House.  Again, here's ABC's Terry Moran.

Ann Romney's Review
Mitt Romney gave the most important speech of his life Thursday night and more personal than ever.  The big question now is, will it give him the bounce the GOP is hoping for.  So how did he do?  The would-be first lady - Ann Romney - sat down for some analysis with ABC's Chief Political Correspondent George Stephanopoulos.


Now the controversial conservative film - a surprise box office smash - that makes the shocking charge that President Obama has a secret un-American agenda... as the filmmaker told ABC's David Wright.

Balloon Man
It's a tradition everybody loves at the conventions - the big balloon drop.  Who doesn't love balloons?  ABC's David Wright meets the man whose military precision and years of experience are behind the big balloon drop.

Host:  Cheri Preston
Producer:  Ryan Kessler

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